'BBC Dad' Parody Imagines How Mom Would've Handled It

by Maria Guido
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We love BBC family, but this interview is perfection

Since BBC dad’s interview went viral, the world has fallen in love. Robert Kelly and his family are so likable, and his work-from-home disaster interview is one many of us who work from home can relate to. But a parody has surfaced that is pretty much perfection.This sketch, from the New Zealand comedy show Jono and Ben, imagines what that interview would have been like if a mom was at the helm.

The segment begins in a similar way; a professional answering questions from her home office.

Then it takes a turn.

She welcomes her daughter on her lap and calmly feeds her milk.

Then baby rolls in and she entertains him without blinking.

She pulls dinner out of the oven.

She irons a shirt and cleans a toilet.

She defuses a bomb.

Oh, and her husband pops in and asks her to find his sock.

We’re not taking anything away from BBC dad and how he handled the situation, but we should remember that mom flew in the room like a superhero to retrieve the kids.

This parody is just too perfect.

Moms: multitasking the sh*t out of life since forever.

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