The 'Beard Bib' Is Here To Save Your Marriage

by Julie Scagell
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Image via Beard King

The ‘Beard Bib’ catches unwanted hairs, making clean-up a breeze

If you live with a man with a certain amount of facial hair, you know the trimming process can get a bit messy. And by messy, I mean every square inch of your bathroom sink and counter will be covered in face pubes every time they groom, which would be fine if they actually cleaned up properly afterward. But even the most sanitary of men can’t possibly get all the hairs that fall; hairs that eventually cling to your new ivory hand towels like tiny koala bears.

That is, until now.

Introducing the ‘Beard Bib’ — a hair tarp, if you will, that goes around a man’s neck and attaches to the bathroom mirror with suction cups, catching all beard trimmings that fall. The geniuses behind the bib are the folks at Beard King, who came up with the product as a way to solve the messy situation that is facial hair maintenance.

Image via the Beard King

Gone are the days of hair clogging the sink or hitching a ride on your toothbrush (vomit), because the folks at Beard King thought of everything. Not only does it catch facial hair clippings, the one size fits all bib comes with an “easy flap shoot disposal,” so cleaning up afterwards is a breeze.

Image via Beard King

The company already has impressive sales driven by their appearance on Shark Tank in 2016. According to their site, the day their episode aired, sales grew by 400 percent. Fans can purchase the bib direct through their website or find it on Amazon Prime for $29.99, which basically pays for itself in unpurchased Drano. It comes in black and white, and the best part? Once you’re done using it, it folds back into a self packing pouch, which can be stored under the counter or used while traveling.

Image via Beard King

If you’re dying to buy something from the Beard King but your man keeps his face clean shaven, no problem. They also sell a ‘Bush Bib,’ a handy-dandy pube catcher that fits neatly on your toilet like an inverted shower cap. No more finding leftovers when you go to use the bathroom after a manscaping session, ladies. And if I have to see this, so do you.

Image via Beard King

No more mess, no more clogged drains or hairy countertops, and no more bitching at your loved one to clean up after themselves. Buy one of these, guys, and you will literally be a hero wearing a cape. What a time to be alive.

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