Watch Beau Finally Propose To Stassi In A Cemetery On 'Vanderpump Rules'

by Kristine Cannon
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Stassi Vanderpump Rules
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That had to have been the most touching, tear-inducing proposal we’ve ever seen take place in a cemetery

A proposal, an apology, and a high-kicking Raquel: This week’s Vanderpump Rules was one of the best episodes this season.


Stassi Schroeder kicks off the episode apologizing to her soon-to-be fiancé Beau Clark for yelling at him at her own wine launch party.

“I’m sorry. I’m an asshole,” she says as she sets her purse and keys down. “I just shouldn’t have gotten mad at you. It was misdirected anger.”

To make it up to him, she makes him mac ‘n’ cheese from the box (a.k.a. the best kind), and it seems to work because they still go mausoleum shopping, where, as Beau has teased a few times this season, he will propose to Stassi.

“If Beau and I buy a mausoleum, then he has to propose to me,” Stassi says in a talking head. “It’s the perfect way to ensure that he’s committing a lifetime — and after lifetime — to me. ‘Til death do us not part.”

“Stassi is in her element, and I am terrified,” Beau says as he fights off nerves while they meander around Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles.

Once they take a seat on a bench, Beau points at an object on the ground. “I wonder what that is,” he says as he reaches down for the ring.

“Is that a bell?” Stassi asks.

“Ooh, oh my God,” Beau says as he opens it up. “I don’t think I should touch this…”

He slowly spins around, while on one knee, and begins, “Stassi…”

“Shut the f*** up,” she says.


“I love you so much. You’ve literally turned my world upside in the best way possible and there’s nobody else that I want to spend the rest of my life with. Will you take this ring and will you marry me?” Beau asks.

“Oh my God! Are you serious?” Stassi asks. “Wait, I get to say, ‘yes.’ Yes!”



According to Bravo and People, Stassi’s 3.5-carat ring is a family heirloom first acquired by Beau’s grandfather around the 1940s or ’50s. The ring, which features a large European round-cut diamond surrounded by 24 smaller stones in a platinum band, was then passed down to Beau’s aunt.


“This is the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen,” Stassi says at the cemetery. “I feel like I’m a part of history. It’s so perfect; it’s so perfect for me.”

“Over the last two years of knowing Stassi, we have really grown a lot as a couple,” Beau says in a talking head. “There have been bad times, but that’s behind us. And now, I’m excited thinking about our future. Stassi and I are fiancés! I gotta get used to saying that. What if I call her my girlfriend and what if she gets upset?”

Afterward, Stassi and Beau head to Lisa Vanderpump’s home — dubbed Villa Rosa — for their engagement party, where Lala Kent has decided to slip into a nude-colored dress… sans underwear. Also missing from the engagement party? Former BFF and fellow Witches of Weho (at least, for now), Kristen Doute.

“Stassi and I used to tell each other everything. So, to find out she’s engaged on social media, that sucks,” Kristen says in a talking head.

“I don’t want to share this with her,” Stassi says to Beau in the car on the way to the party. Beau then gets a text from Kristen’s ex-boyfriend, Brian Carter, that reads, “Don’t forget to thank Kristen for hooking you guys up. She made it happen and now you and Stassi treat her like shit. That’s some cold-blooded shit right there.”

“This is why I don’t like them,” Stassi says.

This text might tick Stassi off, but Kristen’s quickly the last thing on her mind when she sets foot inside Lisa’s home, where she’s met with surprise No. 2: her family.



During the engagement party, Brittany doesn’t hesitate to compare her engagement party with Stassi’s.

“Beau got Lisa to put together this beautiful party for them. After our engagement, Jax had a little surprise party at our apartment, which was cool and all, but if he had done it at the Villa Rosa instead of my apartment after, I would have been fine with that,” Brittany says in a talking head.

Then, we’re met with reason No. 31 Scheana makes for great reality TV: her awkward conversation with Stassi’s younger brother, Nikolai.

“So, do you have a girlfriend?” Scheana asks a very clearly nervous Nikolai, who responds, “Nah.”

“What about when you go into high school?” she then asks. “Um, probably,” he says.

This is when it really gets awkward.

“Twenty-one is the youngest I would hook up with,” Scheana says in a talking head, while back at the table, she tells Nikolai, “Even from the last time I saw you, it’s like, ‘Whoa.'”

“I mean, I don’t want to date younger than that,” Scheana adds in her confessional.

Bravo, what are you doing exactly?

At the end of the episode, James Kennedy apologizes to Katie Maloney-Schwartz in the dugout at the TomTom vs. Sur softball game.

“Part of my sobriety and making things better are these steps and making amends to people that I’ve wronged, and Katie’s pretty high on that list,” James says in a talking head.

“I just want to apologize for everything I’ve ever said,” James tells Katie, to which she responds, “This is the last apology? I’ve heard this before.”

“It really is the last apology, Katie, and I’m really sorry for everything, seriously,” James assures.

“I’m not cold-blooded,” Katie says in a talking head. “I feel like he actually spent time thinking about the things he’s said and done, so I accept it.”

In the end, Team Sur might’ve won the softball game (and Ariana might’ve smacked herself with a baseball bat), but the MVP is clearly Raquel, who actually made it to first base after Jax joked about trading her for a member of the TomTom team.

“People don’t know what competitive means until you’re in the pageant circuit,” she says. “Still think I’m not worth trading? Dick.”


We love you, Raquel.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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