Being a Mom

by Nicole
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Being a Mom is, as my five year-old would say is “A Big Job”.

No one, in my case, told me what being a mom would be like, it’s just been “a learn as I go” kind of job. But I honestly and truly wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I might occasionally contemplate selling my kids on Ebay to the first bidder…..

but my life would be so devastatingly lonely without them.

I mean, who needs last minute cocktails with friends or dinner at the newest delish restaurant in town? Not me.

Who wants to wear stilettos and cute cocktail dresses and take last minute trips to Vegas when baby kisses and big girl cuddles are around? Definitely not me.


Ok, so I still do those things. They are just fewer and farther between now that I have a whole Zoo under my roof.

When I became a mother, I realized, for the first time, just what I had been missing in life.





My parents chose the cocktails and living lives elsewhere over their kids, so my point of reference was spotty.

My brother and I were raised “by a village” I like to say, because it took a variety of people to see us through to adult hood. And it’s not that those people didn’t love us, but there’s something different about a parent’s love.

Something more fulfilling. So, to have neither your mother nor your father – well that leaves something lacking in a person’s life.

So when I became a mother I had no idea what that kind of love was like. And then I had my girls.

Holding your child in your arms for the first time – be it immediately following their birth like with my first or a week later tucked into my shirt for preemie kangaroo care like with my twins – the feeling is the same,

simply put,

It. Takes. Your. Breath. Away

I can’t imagine loving anything more in this world than my children. And while Vegas is a blast and European vacations are still on the life list, I’m definitely ok with forgoing the stilettos for family movie night.

I now get to enjoy what I never had and I am SO unbelievably thankful for the opportunity to be a mother and to offer my girls what every kid deserves. Parents who make them a priority and love them no matter what.

I just hope I don’t screw it up.

Wish me luck?

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