Stop Criticizing Folks Who Like 'Basic' Stuff

by Sa'iyda Shabazz
Originally Published: 

Some people, usually the ones who sit on their high horse, like to judge others for being “basic.” They think that something needs to be unique or “out there” to be cool, that those “simple pleasures” are just… well, simple. But here’s the thing: simple is fun and basic brings people joy. So STFU and stop yucking our basic ass yum.

Being “basic” has become some kind of assessment about someone’s personality or lifestyle choices. But really, turning up your nose at all those things that bring other people joy is an assessment about you. So let’s not be assholes, shall we?

In other words, don’t be a dick when your basic friends want to so things like…

Go to bottomless brunch…


Or crank up the Christmas tunes on November 1…

Or enjoy PSLs damn near year-round.

For reasons I don’t quite know or understand, there are folks out here to see these simple pleasures as an affliction. They will utter the phrase “You’re so basic” with disdain, looking down their noses at you. But guess what, basic ass people don’t give a fuck if you think they’re basic. They’re still going to hand over five bucks for that PSL and be damn happy about it.

Lots of people think loving chain restaurants is a sign of being basic. Sure, they aren’t five star culinary experiences. No one is expecting a Michelin star dinner from a place with bottomless fries. But if you find comfort in predictability, it’s actually quite enjoyable. We want never-ending breadsticks and salad.

For many, being basic takes its truest form in fall. As the end of August nears, brace yourself for the onslaught of pumpkin spice goodness coming my way. And for the amount of people who have shit to say about it.


From September to November, people will either be talking about how much they love pumpkin spice or how much they hate it. And it feels like the haters get louder and louder every year. Listen, folks: if you think it tastes fake, drink your boring latte. But don’t side eye us for enjoying every sip of a PSL with our pumpkin muffin. Literally no one is asking for your permission.

When you see your friends being basic at the pumpkin patch or apple orchard, you can scroll by. Let them eat their warm apple cider doughnuts wearing flannel and an infinity scarf. No need to make a passive-aggressive post on Facebook about how annoying everyone who goes apple picking is.

Honestly, what satisfaction do you get from being shitty about something that brings so many people joy bring? The world around us is bleak, why can’t we find the space that brings us joy?

Now that we’re moving from fall into winter, a whole new level of basic is being unleashed all around us. When pumpkin season ends, red cup season begins. And honestly, as wonderful as fall is in terms of being basic, the holiday season is even better.

Many people lament the fact that the holiday season seems to be starting earlier and earlier every year. The literal day after Halloween is when the Christmas onslaught beings. Those cynical of basic ass people will express their outrage anywhere they can. Like come on, why do you care what someone else is doing?

Anyone can be a total grouch on social media. It’s way harder to step back and let people just enjoy what they enjoy. So what if Carol across the street is being basic and putting a holiday wreath on her door on November 1st? How does Carol’s wreath negatively impact your life? Oh, right, it doesn’t. Maybe you should try and tap into some of Carol’s joy.

At least a dozen of my friends are talking about putting their Christmas trees up early. We’re talking within a week of Halloween. Maybe even the very next day. And you know what? I don’t blame them. Why wouldn’t you want to prolong the joy of the holiday season? Especially when the world around us feels like a dumpster fire more often than not now? People have to take the joy where they can get it.


I used to be one of those grouchy people about the winter holidays. But this year at 12:05 a.m. on November 1, I was queuing up my holiday playlist. Why? Because I realize that it brings my basic ass joy.

Joy. That’s the thing that people don’t understand about being basic. It’s not that we’re unoriginal or not interesting. Being basic is finding joy in things that are simple and mainstream. We’re not dismissing something because it’s trendy — it’s trendy because people realize how much they enjoy it.

This is what you need to remember… People who like “basic” things or places don’t see anything wrong with liking what they like. It’s people who don’t like them who seem to have the biggest problem. You do you, and let us basic ass people enjoy listening to “All I Want For Christmas is You,” sipping our PSL and enjoying our bottomless fries in peace.

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