16 Kids Were Shot At A Kentucky High School Today, And The News Barely Blinked

by Valerie Williams
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Image via ABC News

Kentucky high school on lockdown after deadly shooting

There’s been another shooting and this time, the location is a Kentucky high school. Details continue to roll in, but as of now, two students are reported dead and another 19 injured, 14 by gunshot wounds. Sadly, this will cease to be front-page news after a day or two, because school shootings are just part of our country’s daily life now.

NBC News reports that Marshall County High School in Benton, KY is now on lockdown with a suspect in custody, according to officials. The two students killed were both 15 years old, one male and one female. The shooter is a 15-year-old male.

Greg Rodgers, a junior at the school, tells NBC he saw students running out of the building when he arrived in his car. “I pulled off to the side of the road because everyone was running to the main road,” he said. “I asked my friend what was going on and he told me that there was a school shooting. I was shocked. He said that someone had just shot up the school.”

Rodgers said the shooting was happening as students were making their way to classes. “I’m distraught from all of it. I couldn’t really focus driving home. I was shaking a lot driving back to my house. I’m still shaking,” he says.

As more details come in, the state’s governor, Matt Bevin, asks that no one spread unconfirmed information.

According to Fox News, students are being evacuated to the northern part of town where their parents can pick them up.

Local resident Mitch Garland told The Associated Press “They was running and crying and screaming. They was just kids running down the highway. They were trying to get out of there.”

What a heartbreaking scene to picture — terrified teenagers, running for their lives. Desperate to get to safety.

It’s getting old. Seeing these devastating stories in the news and knowing that nothing will change.

A state representative tweeted about his shock and sadness, saying he’s “stunned” by the horrible news.

A news editor pointed out that just yesterday, a shooting occurred at a school in Italy, Texas. A 15-year-old girl was wounded when a 16-year-old boy opened fire in the school’s cafeteria.

After losing 20 school children and six of their educators, one or a few kids dying is, sadly, not as shocking. A shooting with “only” wounded people and no fatalities barely registers in the trending column anymore. It’s just life in America.

Please realize that yesterday’s school shooting got barely a blip as far as news coverage and today’s, however high the count of dead or wounded children, won’t get much more. This is becoming our normal, and as a nation, we should be horrified.

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