4 Ways A Toothbrush Decreased My Mental Load. Really.


I’ve reached the age where a new electric toothbrush makes me happy. There I said it. Now this is not just any toothbrush. No, this is the iPhone of toothbrushes, the Cardi B of gentle vibrations on my gums. This, I tell you, is the quip toothbrush and it’s giving me life.

Here’s why:

1. My Kids Annihilate Every Bathroom Surface

Maybe your children don’t spit, drip, splash, or soak anything in the bathroom ever. Mine do because they are real human children full of life and wild abandon that swells in any room with a tiled surface. I mean they haven’t even mastered legit wiping. Still, I maintain a shred of dignity with our sleek quip electric toothbrushes neatly clinging together in a tidy, safe haven of order and calm. They don’t even need a clunky charger, a magical micro-suction strip keeps them stuck to the mirror (yet removable whenever I want). I could also use an electronic arm that picks up wet towels and husband-shaving debris. Can you get on that, quip?

2. I Am Less of a Slacker at Brushing

Most nights after pretending to stay awake during an episode of something cool, I drag my groggy body to the bed and forego all recommended protocols of mascara removal, exfoliation, forget face cream which requires far too much exertion. I used to skip brushing altogether sometimes (OK, a lot of the time) but now, I really can’t sleep with furry teeth. “Furry” is my word for when you run your tongue across your teeth and can feel that you ate the contents of, let’s say, a pint of ice cream and then let your mouth turn into a plaque factory. NO MORE. Luckily, with quip, I actually want to brush for two minutes and the guiding pulses remind me when to switch sides.

3. My Kids Lie

My kids used to get into bed with full-on peanut butter breath while claiming to have brushed their teeth. Love ‘em, but quality control is not yet a thing. Thankfully, they are very into timers and quip has brushes just for the kiddos that include the same sensitive sonic vibrations, as the original quip brush, and pausing every 30 seconds to tell them to move on to the next peanut-buttered section of their mouth. And the kids do it! What kind of sorcery is this?

girl brushing teeth

4. Life Is Busy

I’ll be lucky if I can make it to the grocery store after work to stock up for the upcoming week. quip knows this and is here to clear a small section of my mental load formerly for toothbrush guilt about, um, maybe someone who got a cavity once from iffy brushing habits.

So thank you, quip, for mailing me a little box of fresh brush head sanity every three months. It feels like quip was invented by a mother? I have no idea, but the chances are good. Did I mention that this toothbrush starts at $25 so it pairs perfectly with Easter baskets full of chocolate bunnies. quip is an affordable, surprisingly enjoyable oral care service starting with a better electric toothbrush designed for the whole family. Now for Scary Mommy readers, get your first $10 refill for free by clicking the link, here!