Beyoncé Just Shared Her Entire Pregnancy Photo Shoot

by Maria Guido
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Beyoncé’s maternity photo shoot is incredible, of course

Yesterday, Queen Bey announced her pregnancy with TWINS and the world stopped focusing on politics long enough to look at her announcement and say, “Yessssss!”

The photo quickly became the most adored photo in Instagram history, with eight million likes and counting. The world needs more Beyoncés, clearly.

Beyoncé shared more images from the maternity shoot on her website today. The portfolio was simply titled, “I have three hearts.” It’s like Beyoncé heard some of the shade from on high (the internet had a lot to say about her announcement), and responded, “Please. If you don’t like that one I have about 3,000 more where that came from.”

Touché Beyoncé. Touché.

There’s the underwater shoot:

The closest we ever got to an underwater photo shoot was maybe the occasional tub selfie. Does excessive sweating in a photo count? We have a lot of those.

Then there’s the freaking adorable Blue Ivy shoot:

And the classic, black-and-white goddess shoot:–h6Bh/?taken-by=beylite

We didn’t think she could possibly get more gorgeous.

We were wrong.

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