I Was A Skeptic, But I Officially Love The BH90210 Reboot

by Christine Organ
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I didn’t want to like it. I was skeptical and cautious. I’m not a “get off my lawn” kind of ’90s teen, but I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a purist at heart. I was a super fan of the original, and well… reboots are just never as good as the original. Kind of like the way movies aren’t as good as the book. They just aren’t.

Nonetheless, I watched. Because when 90210 has had such a big part of your life, how can you not watch the reboot?

So I tuned in. Several days later than the show premiered because the initial buzz wasn’t exactly buzzing. After the first episode, I texted my 90210 buddy something along the lines of, “I don’t know about this.”

Being the good friend that she is, a week or two later, she texted me to say, “I gotta say this show is still making me very happy three episodes in!”

So I tuned in again. And I’M SO GLAD I DID. (Also, this is why we’re such good friends.) Because BH90210 is the guilty pleasure that I feel zero guilt about. I am here for every second of it.

Why is BH90210 so awesome? Well, let me tell you…

1. That theme song.

Dah-dah-da-duh. Dah-dah-da-duh. BUM-BUM.

Just hearing the first few beats of the theme song makes me smile. It takes my right back to our college apartment when that song would send everyone running into the living room to smash into a crowded (and usually old and kinda smelly) couch to watch that week’s episode together. There were no DVRs so there was no binge-watching or zipping through commercials. You watched at the same time together. And it was fabulous.

2. All the Easter eggs from the original.

Emily Valentine. Mrs. Walsh. Ray Pruitt. They are all there in their IRL-but-not-real-life glory.

3. The show and its stars know how to make fun of themselves.

They are nothing if not authentic. They have captured their real life personas and run with them. They know who they are and they make no apologies for it.

4. Three words: Brian. Austin. Green.

He is hot. He’s an involved SAHD to his kids. Did I mention he’s still super hot?

I mean, he really does.

5. It’s progressive in ways the original wasn’t.

Just gonna leave this here…

6. The chemistry from the original is still there.

Brandon and Kelly. Donna and David. Brenda and Bitchiness. It’s all still there.

The absolute ONLY downside to this gem of a reboot (other than the tragic loss of Luke Perry, of course — we’re still not over it) is that the season finale will air this week and we’ll have to wait who-knows-how-long for Season 2.

BRAVO, you guys. You’ve give this former ’90s teen (i.e., 40-ish-year-old mom) something to look forward on Wednesday nights again, which is no small feat. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some re-runs to catch up on. (“Alexa: how many seasons of 90210 were there?”)

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