'Prince Charming' Big Brother Surprises His Sister With Adorable Photo Shoot

by Mike Julianelle
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Image via Paint the Sky Photography

The teen staged a fairy tale photo shoot to make his 5-year-old sister happy

Every little girl who grows up on fairy tales dreams of meeting her own Prince Charming. After her brother surprised her by dressing in costume, it’s clear that one lucky five-year-old lives with hers.

When photographer Christina Angel’s 13-year-old son Anthony came to her asking for help getting a Prince Charming costume to surprise his little sister Anabel with a princess-themed photo shoot, she was only too happy to oblige.

She shared a slideshow of the resulting images on her Facebook page. We hope you have a sweet tooth, because it’s ridiculously cute.

Mother and son worked together to make sure the costume was just right. “We got together a few odds and ends, and tried to get all of the details perfect…right down to him shining his dress shoes the old fashioned way, with solid polish and an old rag.”

To ensure Anabel wasn’t left out, they got her a special outfit too.

“Once we had everything ready, he surprised her with her brand new Snow White dress. She loved absolutely every second of her photo shoot with her ‘favorite boy in the world.'”

image via Paint The Sky Photography

Mom knows how happy the photo shoot made her son. And knows everyone who sees the photos knows it too.

“I don’t have to tell you all that, I’m sure you can see it on her face in every photo.”

image via Paint The Sky Photography

We sure can.

Scary Mommy spoke to Angel about the shoot, which was over 5,000 shares and 14,000 likes on Facebook. Her 13-year-old is clearly a pretty special kid, but he has had some issues with mental health, and the attention has been a great thing for him.

“My son has really enjoyed the positive feedback. This couldn’t have come at a better time for him, as he has needed the encouragement. His depression caused him to have two stress induced pseudo-seizures this week. So he was in the hospital through a lot of the viral madness. He’s finally home. But unsurprisingly, Belle was where she always is when he’s having a hard time… comforting him.”

Angel has seven kids, but says Anthony and Anabel have an especially close bond. This photo shoot gives us a glimpse at their sweet relationship, which makes no one happier than their mom.

image via Paint The Sky Photography

“They are wonderful kids and I am so very proud of them. Being their mother is a gift beyond measure.”

image via Paint The Sky Photography

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