Big Hero Dad Makes 'Big Hero 6' Chem-Ball Purse for His Daughter

by Laurie Ulster
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“Honey Lemon” was the answer.

Remember her? She was the engineering student/chemistry expert/girlie superhero who could swiftly create chemical combinations using her Power Purse, a magic satchel, which she used to deploy an arsenal of weapons and defenses.

Sophia had the costume, but not the purse—the signature accessory that provided Honey Lemon with her weaponry. So Brendan, being the kind of supercool, take-my-daughter-to-Comic-Con kind of dad, decided he’d have to make one himself. Unsurprisingly, he didn’t have a lot of experience making chem-ball purses, so it took him about 30 hours, start to finish, to get it done, after he’d spent about 10 hours watching YouTube videos to figure out how he was going to swing it. Then he got to work.

He said the hardest part was really the initial stage of determining what he wanted to do, but once he got going, it wasn’t as bad as he anticipated. “Foam is forgiving and cheap,” he said.

©Brendan Lee

©Brendan Lee

©Brendan Lee

By the end, he had a purse that lit up, featured a periodic table and had a port for the chem-balls—held in place by a magnet—until Sophia needed them. Off they went to Comic Con, where they found their people. Not only did people recognize exactly who she was, a lot of them asked for pictures with her.

©Brendan Lee

One happy kid, one proud dad and one toy industry that keeps forgetting about the girls, unless it’s low-hanging fruit like Elsa and Anna from Frozen. Don’t get me wrong, I think Frozen is a great movie too, but it’s obviously not a leap for major toy manufacturers to knock out princess dresses. To be fair, there are action figures for all of the main characters from Big Hero 6, and Honey Lemon is among them. But there still seems to be a blind spot when it comes to most types of action figures and costumes (or appropriate accessory weapons) for girls.

This has been coming up again and again, from the missing Black Widow action figure to the request from Colin Hanks to have some kind of female Star Wars toy other than “slave Princess Leia” in a bikini for his daughter.

Colin should call Brendan to see what he can rig up, although Brendan is busy thinking about his next move: Sophia wants to go to next year’s Comic Con as Go Go Tomago.

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