Billie Eilish Tells Her 'All Lives Matter' Fans To Stop 'Making Everything About Yourself'

by Julie Scagell
Jim Dyson/Redferns

Billie Eilish wrote an impassioned post about all that is wrong with white privilege

After the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 202,0 in Minneapolis, many black people have spoken out about the rage and sadness they are feeling and have had to attempt to educate white people about why the #blacklivesmatter movement is so necessary and to highlight (yet again) why everyone needs to care about police brutality, systemic racism, and white privilege. During this fight, white people need to use their privilege to speak out in solidarity and 18-year-old singer Billie Eilish decided to add hers to the fight.

Eilish shared a powerful message to her Instagram followers over the weekend, in all caps, to share the outrage she feels when she hears the “All Lives Matter” folks trying to be heard. “I’ve been trying to take this week to figure out a way to address this delicately,” she began her statement. “I have an enormous platform and I try really hard to be respectful…but holy fucking shit, I’m just gonna start talking.”

Eilish went on to say what so many of us feel: “If I hear one more white person say “aLL liVeS maTtEr” one more fucking time, I’m gonna lose my fucking mind. No one is saying your life is not hard. No one is saying literally anything at all about you. All you mfs do is find a way to make everything about yourself.”

She also addressed white privilege and the inevitable, “Not All White People” statements that happen as people try to justify their place in all of this. “Society gives you privilege just for being white. You can be poor, you can be struggling. And still your skin color is giving you more privilege than you even realize and nobody is saying that makes you better than anyone. It just lets you live your life without having to worry about surviving simply because of your skin color!!! You are privileged!!” she wrote.

Eilish also called out the fact that white people were allowed to protest stay-at-home orders fully armed with zero repercussions or concern for things turning violent. “Why is it okay for white people to protest literally being asked to stay at home while carrying semi-automatic weapons? Why is it okay for black people to be called thugs for protesting the murder of innocent people?” she asked.

Until people stop talking and start listening and educating themselves about this country’s history, none of this will change. “We have to address hundreds of years of oppression of black people,” she wrote. “The slogan of #BlackLivesMatter does not mean other lives don’t. It’s calling attention to the fact that society clearly thinks black lives don’t fucking matter. And they fucking do.”

She ended her post reminding everyone yet again that our society has lost another black life at the hands of a white cop: “#justiceforGeorgeFloyd,” she wrote.