Welcome To The First Razor Ad To Finally Feature Pubic Hair

by Madison Vanderberg

An ad for a razor subscription service features pubic hair for the first time

So many women grew up with the understanding that shaving one’s body hair is law. It’s just a thing you do. More recently, body hair is finally being normalized in the mainstream and interestingly, the loudest voice in the pro body hair movement is a razor brand. Billie is a subscription-based razor company priced in line with men’s razor subscriptions and their new summer advertisement basically says “shave, or don’t, we don’t care.” Also, the ad prominently features pubic hair, making it the first razor ad campaign to actually show pubic hair, which is wild that it took this long to happen.

In the “Red White and You Do You” ad, a number of women strut around the beach in their bathing suits, pubic hair on full display. “Let your hair down, maybe even out…we hope you’ll enjoy the breeze,” the brand says alongside the video.

Perhaps it took this long for the hair-removal industry to actually embrace body hair because most razor brands are owned by large corporations, which are owned by men. Billie was founded by women and the commercial was directed by a woman.

“We very much wanted to not only acknowledge that body hair exists, and to show it,” Billie cofounder Georgina Gooley told Glamour. “But we also wanted to move the conversation around the message that razor brands have been sharing with women—and that shaving is a choice, not an expectation.”

The director, Ashley Armitage, added her take on the body hair conversation.

“Body hair grows on people of all genders, and it doesn’t suddenly become ‘gross’ or ‘unhygienic’ when it is on a woman, trans woman, or nonbinary individual,” Armitage said. “We wanted to show that body hair is a choice; shave it, wax it, grow it, or do a bit of both. All are valid.”

The reaction to the video on YouTube has been mostly positive.

“Hairs are just hairs, we don’t have to shave them, just if we want to!” wrote one fan.

“I’m so happy for the young girls growing up today…watching media do this and helping them accept as they come,” said another.



Of course, there were a number of men sharing disgusted reacts to the YouTube video, but literally who cares what they think. There were also some women who were not here for it, and to those we say, well — you can shave it away.

Last year the brand created the Project Body Hair ad which was the first to show female body hair (not pubic hair) and that ad also echoed the ethos of the new spot, which is: Bodies have hair, it’s all good, shave it or not, it’s up to you.