Bindi Irwin Is Pregnant With Her First Child

by Valerie Williams
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Bindi Irwin Is Pregnant With Her First Child
Bindi Irwin/Instagram

Bindi Irwin shares the happy news that she’s expecting her first baby with husband Chandler Powell

Since the news cycle is basically one unending tire fire these days, every bit of good news is more welcome than usual. That goes doubly for the announcement that Bindi Irwin, daughter of the legendary late conservationist Steve Irwin, is pregnant with her first baby.

Bindi shared the extremely happy news (I literally started crying on impact, why am I like this?) on Instagram as she and her new husband, Chandler Powell, held up a onesie and simply beamed with joy. Is anyone else currently sobbing while picturing what a stellar grandpa Steve Irwin would’ve been? Just me? Cool.

“Baby Wildlife Warrior due 2021,” the future momma writes. “Chandler and I are proud to announce that we’re expecting! It’s an honour to share this special moment in our lives with you.”

Since we all know that any offspring of Bindi will likely carry on the legacy of wildlife conservation and education kicked off by her late father and his wife, Terri Irwin, this announcement is especially hopeful and touching. After watching Australia’s wildlife endure such devastation during this past winter’s wildfires, it’s good to know that there will be one more Irwin in the fight to keep these precious creatures safe.

Bindi shares that it’s still early days in their pregnancy, but she wanted to include the world from the start. “Though I’m still in my first trimester, we really want you to be part of our journey from the beginning of this new life chapter,” she writes. “We couldn’t wait to share the news as this beautiful little being has become the most important part of our lives. Your support means the world to us. Please let me know your best advice and send good vibes & prayers to our little sweetheart.”

Also, look at her mom’s sweet reaction. “While I wish that Steve was here to share this beautiful moment, I know that he would be so proud,” she writes. I am simply a wreck, y’all.

Can we all agree that we need to protect Bindi and her baby at all costs? Ever since the sudden and tragic death of her father, the 22-year-old has made it her life’s mission to carry out his work and it seems her new husband (the pair married in a quiet ceremony with family right at the start of the coronavirus pandemic) is fully on board. Steve Irwin would indeed be proud, I have no doubt.

If you aren’t already following Bindi on Instagram, remedy that immediately. She shares not only her message of preserving wildlife, but also sweet throwback photos of her dad. The world has watched her grow up while honoring everything he spent his life working toward and now, she will raise her own little “wildlife warrior.”

Bindi recently shared a sweet photo of herself, Powell, her mom, and brother Robert holding up a painting depicting Bindi’s wedding day with her dad included. It’s clear that family is her priority and I swear to God, if this baby is a boy and she names him Steve I will never recover emotionally.


We can’t wait for more updates as her pregnancy progresses and to eventually see photos of the little one in their very own khaki outfit. Congrats to the entire family.

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