Make Your Own Birthday Cards For Next to Nothing

by Scary Mommy
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Birthday cards are one of the many things that I totally resent spending money on. They get ripped open and thrown in trash within seconds and at three or four bucks a pop, it’s such an enormous waste. Especially for kids.

I recently came up with a solution to this dilemma as we are heading into birthday party season: I found some great vintage birthday images and placed an order for business cards, using the image on the front and the back to fill in the to and from. Just punch a hole in the corner and tie on the gift. Easy, right? And cheap!

Here’s a template, in case you want to make your own…

Or feel free to snag mine…

I didn’t personalize them, since I didn’t know which of my kids they’d be from, but next time I may just put all of their names. If you want to snag mine, feel free, or easily make your own. There are so many copyright-free images once you look, and you could also use a photo of your child. How fun would that be?

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Martha Stewart for the day

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