Blake Lively Is All Of Us Thirsting Over Ryan Reynolds In Birthday Pics

by Cassandra Stone
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Steven Ferdman/Getty and Blake Lively/Instagram

We love a good Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds social media crossover event on their birthdays

For years now, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been trolling each other on their birthdays. And this year is no exception, except instead of poking fun at her husband, Blake is giving us all a gift for her own birthday — the gift of Ryan Reynolds’ veiny, sculpted arms. Or, arm, rather. Still great though!

In her Instagram story yesterday, Blake shared several images of Reynolds celebrating her birthday by greeting her with what looks to be one delicious cake. But not as delicious, as, say, Reynolds’ insanely toned physique. Because Blake is thirsting hard for her husband and the father of her children on her birthday. And honestly? Same.

It begins benignly enough, with him and the cake.

Instagram/Blake Lively

And then she gets a little… creative. You know, for the fans.

Instagram/Blake Lively

The zooming in is honestly as funny as it is a gift to the eyeballs.

Instagram/Blake Lively

Ah yes, look at that…. cake. Yes, the cake. That’s it.

Instagram/Blake Lively

Oh no, we can’t see the cake anymore. Whatever shall we do?

Instagram/Blake Lively

Happy birthday to all of us, really. Whew. Also, can we all agree it’s funny and adorable that Lively is so publicly hot for her husband? Normally that stuff can come off as performative and groan-worthy, but that’s simply not the case with these two.

They’ve made such a habit — no, scratch that, tradition — of doing fun things like this on one another’s birthdays, it would honestly be more suspect if they avoided this public display.

To celebrate his wife last year, Reynolds shared a series of “bad” photos of Lively (yes, it’s in quotes, because if you’re Blake Lively do you even take a bad photo? Come on). In honor of his wife’s day of birth, Reynolds took to Instagram to give her a birthday tribute like only he can. He kept the caption simple: “Happy Birthday, @blakelively.”

One thing we can all relate to, even with Blake Lively, is being caught off-guard as the pic snaps and awkward camera angles. Even she is human and her husband made sure we all knew last year.

The birthday thing all started three years ago when Reynolds shared this heartfelt message to his wife and the mother of his three daughters.

Don’t worry, though. She sat on it for awhile and then, on his birthday, got him back. SHE GOT HIM BACK GOOD.

Anyway, happy birthday to Blake Lively. Thanks for sharing your husband’s biceps with the world — it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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