Amazing Cyber Deal on Blanket Scarves, AKA The Best Gift Ever

by Scary Mommy
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It’s now socially acceptable to walk around in a blanket out in public. It’s actually in style. Can we all rejoice for a minute?

Seriously, as sucky as 2016 has been, at least we have this. Praise the Lord.

In case you missed the memo, plaid is the pattern of the season – yes, folks, ’90s grunge is back.

Oh, Jordan Catalano. Swoon.

All of which to say, we are obsessing over these blanket scarves from Cents of Style.

Normally a deal at $24.95, this special pricing is insanity. Seriously, stock up before they’re gone – you, your mom, your BFF, your neighbor, your kids’ teacher, your always freezing co-worker… blanket scarves for everyone!

Use code SCARYDEAL at checkout for special pricing of $12.95 + free shipping. (Orders placed before 7PM EST on Friday, 12/16 will ship in time for Christmas.

Now pass the damn hot chocolate.

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