We’re Starting 2018 With A ‘Bomb Cyclone’ - Whatever The Hell That Is

by Julie Scagell
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Image via Twitter/The Washington Post

Baby, it’s (really effing cold) outside

If you live pretty much anywhere in America, you’re no stranger to cold over the past week or so. But guess what, folks? It’s about to get a lot more nippily up in this bitch so you might not want to put those hats and scarves (and gloves, boots, down jackets, long underwear, wool socks, earmuffs, and maybe another set of gloves) away just yet. A bomb cyclone is coming.

Meteorologists are predicting this bomb cyclone – which refers to a storm’s rapid intensification where it’s central pressure drops 24 millibars or more in a day – to hit the east coast later this week. If bomb cyclone sounds too ominous, it’s also referred to as a “nor’easter” or a “mid-latitude cyclone,” according to BuzzFeed News.

Oh. Good. I’m sure you feel better already.

Luckily, the internet has jokes. Even Washington Post is laughing through the terror.

Basically, a giant storm is forming off the coast of Florida, dropping temperatures and dumping snow on areas of the state, where it’s already snowing in places like Tallahassee, Georgia and Virginia. It will continue up the coast and by Thursday it will resemble a “winter hurricane,” battering most of New England with wind, ice, and more snow. But it’s the dangerous cold that has a lot of people concerned.

And if you aren’t going to laugh, you’ll cry, so its a good thing these folks have kept their sense of humor:

And though the most extreme conditions will be found well out into the ocean, this weather event “has the potential to make 2018 one of the worst winters in the U.S. yet, and it’s only the first week of January,” TIME reports. Areas like Boston could see temperatures drop to the lowest the area has seen in over 100 years. Wonderful.

Meteorologists have named the storm “Winter Storm Grayson,” which couldn’t possibly sound less scary but will bring blizzard-like conditions, flooding, school closings, and possible power outages up and down the east coast. People are already stocking up on essentials like food and water (and hopefully a fair amount of tequila) in case the predictions are accurate. We’ve had about enough of your shit already, Grayson.

“Our biggest concern is the potential for damaging wind gusts especially near the southeast New England coast,” the Weather Service tweeted. “Power outage risk followed by arctic air Fri/Sat a big concern!”

It’s fair to say this storm isn’t one to mess around with. Sounds like a good time to hunker down indoors, throw on some Netflix, and spend even more quality family time together. (Don’t forget the tequila.)

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