This ‘Boobs’ Breastfeeding Cover Is So Perfect

by Thea Glassman
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Image via Lot801

Public breastfeeding just got way less nerve-wracking

There should be zero shame about breastfeeding in public. And yet — time and time again — women are getting dirty looks and rude comments from the peanut gallery when they try to feed their child. This needs to stop, and one solution just might be a breastfeeding blanket that’s covered in boobs. Yup, entirely in boobs. It’s fashionable, it’s hilarious, and it’s the ultimate f-you to the haters.

The blankets are part of a collection dubbed Lot801, and were created by Lindsay White, a mother of two who was tired of getting publicly shamed for breastfeeding.

Image via Lot 801

“After having my second baby, Koda, I was out at a wedding. He got hungry so I sat down at our table in the corner of the room and fed him,” she wrote on her website. “A woman walked over to me and said, ‘do you really think you should be feeding him here? Maybe you should go to the bathroom dear.’ As much as I wanted to tell this woman off, I just chuckled and continued nursing. It was THIS night that I got the idea for The Baby Blanket.”

The blanket, which rings in at $48.50, can be used for swaddling, nursing, playing, and diaper changing. It will also give you the steadfast confidence to disrobe in public because WHATEVER WHO EVEN CARES.

Also, boobs have honestly never looked so fashion-forward.

“The response to our Boobs Blanket has been incredible,” White told Scary Mommy. “The best part about it… it’s a conversation starter. When I’m out and about with it, I don’t know how many times I get asked about it. At first people are confused… are those really boobs? Then I get to sit down and explain to them the meaning behind it, what it stands for, and how we hope it changes the world of breastfeeding.”

White has been overwhelmed by the positive messages she’s gotten from mothers, thanking her for creating a blanket that gives them the confidence to breastfeed in public. “The blanket is a symbol that you’re not alone,” she said.

Now, go out there and breastfeed wherever and whenever you damn well please. The boob blanket (and mothers all over the world) has got your back.

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