7-Year-Old Stages Adorable 'Mini Prom' After His Babysitter's Dance Was Canceled

by Julie Scagell
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A 7-Year-Old Threw His 17-Year-Old Babysitter An Adorable 'Mini Prom'
Becky Helton Chapman/Facebook

This is the most adorable socially distanced prom ever

As seniors deal with missed milestones like proms, sports, and graduations, one very thoughtful seven-year-old decided to surprise his babysitter with her very own “mini prom” after her dance was canceled.

Seventeen-year-old Rachel Chapman attended Sanderson High School in North Carolina and was understandably upset when her senior prom was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, she’s the nanny to a a sweet boy who threw her an adorable prom of his own.

Curtis Rogers wanted to cheer Rachel up, so with the help of his mom, he hosted the teen for dinner, dancing, and quite possibly the cutest pictures you’ve ever seen.

“Rachel has been a nanny for Curtis for over a year. When he realized her senior prom was cancelled, he wanted to throw one for her,” Rachel’s mom Becky Chapman shared on her Facebook page. “Complete with her favorite foods, flowers, and dancing, Curtis (and his mom) pulled off the best socially distant prom ever.”

Becky tells Scary Mommy she was happy to share some good news given all that is happening in the world. “He is a sweet kid. So thoughtful,” she said, while adding that her daughted has cared for the boy for over a year.

Curtis looked sharp in his checked three-piece suit and a bow tie that matched Rachel’s dress. He also made sure the pair remained six-feet apart by using a pool noodle to maintain proper social distancing, making him the most thoughtful prom date in the history of all prom dates.

Becky Chapman

Curtis clearly planned everything down to the last detail. Flowers sat on the table, along with sparkling cider, their favorite tunes, and he made sure she was comfortable during the dancing part of the evening by throwing off their shoes in lieu of bare feet in the grass. He even surprised her with a mini “promposal” two days before the big event. This sounds like a perfect prom to me.

“I decided that we should just do this now because the coronavirus has people down in the dumps,” Curtis told WBNS 10 TV. He even managed to get her favorites for dinner — Chick-fil-A and smoothies. “I know we had everything she loves,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what happens to you. It matters what happens to the people you love,” the boy said.

Despite the fact that Rachel didn’t get to experience her first choice for prom, her mom says the fact that Curtis’ act of kindness is going viral means a lot. We’re glad so many people are responding to it,” Becky told Scary Mommy. “[It’s] nice to spread some joy.”

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