Boy Mows Lawns To Help Mom Buy School Supplies, Starts Landslide Of Kindness

by Sarah Hosseini
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Boy mows lawns to help with family finances, puts a pay-it-forward movement in motion

Ten-year old Tyran Lewis of Wilmington, North Carolina is the kind of kid a mother dreams of. Basically, he’s a unicorn — but in real life. The young boy offered to mow lawns to pay for his own school supplies and school clothes. As a mom of any school-aged child knows – those school supply lists are long, and can be pretty expensive for parents.

Tyran’s mom, Tara Lewis, took her son’s offer seriously and posted his lawn mowing service offer on a community Facebook page. It reads, “I am a ten-year old boy looking for yards work trying to raise money to but [sic] my own school supplies.”

“It comes from just trying to help my mommy, help her pay her bills, and just buy my own school supplies,” Tyran tells WWAY. This boy has hustle and heart. Fist-pump Tyran’s mom, Tara, who has raised an amazing human being that we should all be proud to share the planet with. She deserves serious mama credit, especially considering the struggles she’s had recently.

Tyran’s mom is facing some financial hardships. The boy told WWAY News, that his mom had to miss work lately to care for her brother who is recovering from an accident, so the boy stepped up. He started mowing lawns and raising money for his own supplies. As word got around about how awesome this kid is, a wave of wonderfulness swept through the community and kick-started an outpouring of support.

One such person touched by Tyran’s story, is local businesswoman Theresa Babb, Owner and President of A1 Security Services in Wilmington. When she heard about Tyran and his hard work she offered to help by starting a donation drive at her business. People donated school supplies, but they also donated clothes and lawn equipment for Tyran. Even Jhamir, Tyran’s older brother received items from the drive. Tyran received so many donated items that he has decided to give them to other kids in need.

So many feels!

As for Tyran’s mom – she says this is just how her son is.

“Tyran has always been the kind of person that wants to give and do things for other people,” Lewis told WWAY, “So I think it’s a blessing because now that someone has been able to bless him, he’s able to bless somebody else.”

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