Boy 'Proposes' To Little Girl... With His Mom's Giant Diamond Ring

by Megan Zander
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Little girl says a boy proposed at school, pulls out giant diamond ring

Like skinned knees, schoolyard crushes are a childhood rite of passage. But one little girl got way more than a Ring Pop when her crush confessed his true feelings to her during school. In a video posted on the LAD Bible Facebook page, a dad explains what happened when his young daughter Millie came home saying that her friend Tommy proposed to her at school.

“Millie has been proposed to at school,” he says, while an unseen woman, probably mom, bursts into giggles in the background.

Adorable Millie comes into frame and announces that a boy named Tommy was the one who claimed her heart. Then dad says, “So Tommy’s proposed to Millie and she keeps saying she’s got a ring in her bag.” Struggling to maintain his composure he continues, “Like anyone, we were expecting the… uh… Haribo ring,” (While not as flashy as a Ring Pop, a Haribo ring is a UK gummy candy ring, and still a totally respectable token of elementary-age affection.)

“Millie, can you just go and get the ring that Tommy proposed to you today with please?” he asks. When she returns with the ring, instead of a candy bauble or plastic toy she hands him a very real, giant diamond sparkler. The ring is three huge diamond in what appears to be a white gold or platinum setting. “Go on then, Tommy!” dad says to the peals of mom’s laughter.

Since the video was posted only four days ago it’s been viewed 21 million times and has over 228,000 shares. Some people are noting that as grown adults they don’t have a ring as nice as the one young Millie received during her classroom proposal.

Others, like me, are reminded of their own tales of puppy love jewelry exchanges go wrong. On Valentine’s Day in the fourth grade a boy gave me a gold ring with green stones that was obviously from his mother’s costume jewelry box. Our teacher saw me showing off my treasure to the other girls in the class and pulled us both into the hall for questioning. We were mortified at being singled out, and sobbed accordingly. Although my beau swore his mom had told him he could give me the ring, and a call from our teacher to his house confirmed his story, we were both so upset that I gave him the ring back. Our Valentine’s Day dreams were crushed.

Judging from the size and appearance of the ring, it’s probably safe to say Tommy’s mom didn’t willingly hand it over for him to gift to a girl in school. It’s pretty clear that Millie’s parents are going to make sure Tommy’s mom gets her ring back.

Millie may not get to keep her engagement ring, but this is one romantic gesture she’s never going to forget.

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