4-Year-Old Trains Puppy With YouTube Videos Because He Can't Go Outside

by Jerriann Sullivan

Little boy trains his puppy with the help of YouTube videos

Four-year-old Lincoln is teaching his St. Bernard puppy ways to be an obedient dog by sitting the pup in front of YouTube – you know, the way the rest of us learn pretty much anything.

Lincoln has a good reason for turning to the online videos instead of heading outside with the dog himself. He’s severely allergic to pollen, and his doctors told him it was best to stay inside during allergy season. Most of us are familiar with the annoying symptoms allergies cause – itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose, and sometimes a cough. Allergies can be so intense for some people that it often looks like they have the flu. Lincoln’s reactions to pollen are way beyond the average allergic reaction that can be cured by popping a Claritin or Zyrtec. His parents posted this photo of him to Facebook that shows how awful it must feel for this little boy when he encounters pollen.

Via Facebook

Thankfully, Lincoln isn’t allergic to animals. “He walked out of the doctors office as happy as could be and said, ‘This means I can get a puppy,'” his parents wrote on Facebook. When you’re a kid, getting a puppy can feel like Christmas, your birthday, and the first day of summer all rolled into one. Typically parents use this joyous occasion to teach kids about responsibility. “We can only get him (or her) if you promise to take good care of him,” every parent everywhere has told their offspring.


However, it can be hard to train a dog when you can’t leave the house, though. But that didn’t stop little Lincoln! His parents encouraged him to look up some puppy training tips for his new best friend on YouTube. But he decided it was best to let the pooch see the tutorials for himself and adorableness ensued.

Via Facebook

How cute are those too? Look how focused the sweet pup is on the video! We’ll have to wait and see how much Lincoln is able to teach his new friend thanks to the help of YouTube, but who knows, maybe these guys will have their own channel one day. And they can help other kids like Lincoln who won’t let their allergies stop them from being great dog parents.

Happy puppy parenting, Lincoln!

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