Man's Viral Message Perfectly Captures The Meaning Of True Love

by Megan Zander
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Being in love means being there for your girl, even if ‘there’ is Sephora

Part of being in a relationship means supporting the other person’s interests and hobbies, even if you couldn’t possibly be less interested in them (looking at you Fantasy Football). But some men still worry that doing something for the sake of their girlfriend or wife might make them look weak in the eyes of other men. Luckily, one boyfriend’s viral tweet is working hard to change that perspective.

Twitter user buhlake shared a photo of himself with his girlfriend in Sephora, along with his thoughts on the experience. He explains how more men need to get over their own egos and do things for the sake of the person they love. His post has been retweeted over 91,000 and favorited over 177,000 times so far.

Sephora’s one of those stores that some boyfriends and husbands refuse to even set foot in, lest another dude sees them standing too close to the bronzers. Not only did he go with his girlfriend to check out some products, he also stepped up as her swatching model. “Today me and my girlfriend went into Sephora. I gave the classic sigh followed by a monotone, “Whatever you want babe,'” he begins. “After a couple minutes looking around, she wanted to compare shades of makeup, her being tan as all get out and me being pale as a white ass board, I let her compare shades on my hand, no big deal, just helping out my best friend.”

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Letting your girlfriend rub makeup on your hand and calling her your best friend at the same time is pretty much the ultimate in relationship goals. But it’s the reflections that he had about the experience after another guy made fun of him for it which really makes his tweet special.

“As we were walking out, a guy also with his girlfriend said, ‘That’s why I stand in the corner bro, hahaha,'” he says. “It just made me think, why is breaking away from the ‘bro’ stigma such a hard thing for men these days? What about your farting, your obnoxious snoring, when she sits through another game of Madden only because you ask her too, all the bullshit us men are capable of they put up with just because you are her favorite human.” Finally, someone who understands that true love is being there for your person, doing what they love because you love them. Also, that dude who laughed — he’s probably single now.

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This guy articulates so well what so many men fail to understand in the first place. If you really love someone, it’s their opinion and happiness that should matter to you the most. His tweet is a sweet open love letter to his girlfriend, but also great advice to any other men out there that worry about what their ‘bros’ might say if they get spotted doing something solely for the purpose of making their woman happy.

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“Fuck what anybody thinks, that’s your woman, she’d do anything for you, let her compare makeup on your hand, carry her purse, buy her tampons, do things for her no matter how goofy, annoying or ‘not bro’ it may seem. That’s your best friend, your teammate. Who cares what anybody thinks?”

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