Photographer Captures Boys Dressed As Their Favorite Princesses In Empowering Series

by Madison Vanderberg
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Kitty Wolf/Boys Can Be Princesses Too

Photographer’s stunning series shows boys dressed as their favorite Disney Princesses

As long as there have been princesses, there have been little girls and little boys that want to dress up like them. Princesses — and especially modern-day Disney Princesses like Anna, Elsa, Moana, and Mulan — are strong, cunning, beautiful, and courageous young women that should inspire any child, and yet, a good fraction of society doesn’t like it when little boys want to dress up as their favorite princess. However, one photographer wants to change that and she’s doing it with her Boys Can Be Princesses Too project.

Kitty Wolf/Boys Can Be Princesses Too

Chicago-based photographer Kitty Wolf ran a princess party company when she realized that young boys also want to participate in “the magic, beauty, and empowerment of a fairy tale princess,” but aren’t often given the space to do so.

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“During my time as a princess performer, company owner, and preschool assistant, I have seen boys being told that princesses are ‘just for girls’ or that liking princesses and especially dressing as one somehow makes them weak, inferior or not boys. They’re told it’s not manly, or macho, or normal. This leads boys to feel ashamed of their interests, confused, sad, and lonely,” Kitty writes on her site.

Kitty Wolf/Boys Can Be Princesses Too

“The photos highlight the pure happiness and joy the boys feel when wearing a dress and serve as a reminder that our own hang-ups, assumptions and judgements should never get in the way of a child’s innocent enjoyment and imaginative fun,” she added.

Plus, Kitty told Romper that the actresses in the photos stayed in character throughout the photoshoot, so not only do the kids get to dress as their favorite princess, they get to “meet” them as well.

Kitty Wolf/Boys Can Be Princesses Too

Kitty shared the pics to the Boys Can Be Princesses Too Facebook page and it went viral, with parents joining the comments sections to share photos of their own boys dressed as their favorite heroines.

“I absolutely did not expect it to be so viral!” Wolf told Scary Mommy. “I really just thought it’d be a cute little photo series I’d did on the side for fun but it’s grown into something HUGE (and wonderful!). I posted it on the Facebook page, shared it to a handful of groups that I’m in, and it just blew up from there!”

There are now Boys Can Be Princesses Too Facebook groups for supportive parents to “share their photos, stories and everything else without fear of backlash.”

Kitty Wolf/Boys Can Be Princesses Too

We love Kitty’s ethos behind the project, which is that “no child should feel ashamed of the things that bring them joy.”

And that is why this photo series is so powerful.

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