Brad Pitt Surprises Makeup Artist With Renovation On 'Celebrity IOU'

Brad Pitt Gets Teary Surprising His Makeup Artist With A Home Renovation


Brad Pitt tears up while surprising makeup artist with new guest house on Celebrity IOU

I don’t know what it is about Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, because they aren’t especially charismatic and it’s unclear if they’re actual realtors and contractors, but for some damn reason, I am consistently drawn in by them and whatever new HGTV show they’ve churned out. Now, if you tell me that The Property Brothers are working with Brad Pitt on a new show, well then, it’s game over, what time does it air?

Property Brothers’ new HGTV series, Celebrity IOU features celebrities surprising their close friends and family members with gorgeous home renovations. Normally when Hollywood tries to make a reality show with “celebrities,” you end up with Sarah Palin dancing in a bear costume on the Masked Singer, but Celebrity IOU has some real stars. Brad Pitt surprised his longtime makeup artist during the April 13th premiere episode, but celebs like Melissa McCarthy, Viola Davis, Rebel Wilson, Michael Bublé (to name a few) will appear in future episodes.

Pitt has worked with makeup artist Jean Black on over 40 films and always knew that she wanted to turn her “dingy storage space” garage into a guest house. “She’s family, we’re like brother and sister,” Pitt says during the episode. “She’s been that person I value so much in my life.” During the renovation, Jonathan Scott said Pitt was super down to earth and genuinely helped out during the remodel.

“When we were doing demolition, he beat me through the walls. Like, he smashed through that thing like no one’s business,” Jonathan told Entertainment Tonight. “It was so cool to see someone that’s such a huge celebrity just want to get in and put his own hands in on the work because he wanted to do this for someone he loves.”


When it was finally time to reveal the home, Pitt got emotional. “This will mean so much to her,” he said. “I’m the guy who’s gonna cry on television. I can’t take it in just yet, what it will mean to her, and all the people she helps, and how much she means to me. It’s just great.”


The renovation was stunning — check out the before and after images below or at

TBH, I want to live in Brad Pitt’s makeup artist’s guest house, and not just because Pitt might swing by or whatever.