Those 'Magical' Photoshoots Aren't So Magical After All

by Sarah Hosseini
Originally Published: 
Image via Instagram/Gilmar Photos

Photographer Gilmar Silva reveals the magic that goes into getting the “perfect” shot

Often when we see professional family portraits posted on Facebook or flawless maternity photos on Instagram, we are blown away. Our friends and loved ones look incredible, they suddenly have clear skin, not one strand of hair is out of place, and the setting looks like a dream. The truth is, a lot of work goes into creating these fantasy images including a lot of editing.

Talented Brazilian photographer, Gilmar Silva, is pulling back the curtain on these perfect shots showing us what really goes into creating them and it’s so refreshing. On Instagram, Silva shares the real version of the photoshoot and the finished product side-by-side in a series he labels LUGARxFOTO. Often the final dreamy photo does not match the reality of the photoshoot.

Silva goes to great lengths to make his pregnant clients look the best they can. Even if they’re being shot in some seemingly bizarre positions and backdrops, the final photo is always stunning.

The hallmark of a great photographer is their ability to literally transform any landscape.

And sometimes even turn a sunny day into a winter wonderland.

Or turn a prop into a friendly dinosaur.

Through Photoshop, skin can be smoothed.

And couples can get carried away.

Or splash in the shape of a heart.

Obviously, Silva is a talented photographer and must have an eye for the perfect shot, but he’s not shy about showing us what editing and Photoshop can do to enhance these photos. It’s a refreshing reminder, especially in the age of Insta-perfect lives, that things are not always what they seem. They are what people want you to see, and oftentimes it’s the edited version.

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