The Way Delta Treated This Pumping Mom Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

by Ashley Austrew

A mom is praising Delta flight attendants for being supportive while she pumped on her flight.

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a viral post applauding a company for going out of their way to make life easier for nursing moms. A breastfeeding mom recently wrote on Delta Airlines’ official Facebook page in praise of employees she says helped her pump successfully on a roundtrip from Atlanta to Dallas.

Mom of triplets Jenna Mde shared a photo of herself pumping in her seat on a Delta plane, along with a message about the great experience she had on her flight.

Apparently employees were not only respectful and courteous, but also offered her snacks and moved her to an open first class seat so she could pump privately. She writes:

“As a breastfeeding mother to triplets, it’s important that I not miss a breast-pumping session, especially when traveling. Yesterday, two flight attendants, Kaitlin K and Loretta, on my flight from Atlanta to Dallas-Love Field, allowed me to sit in an empty first class seat for more space and privacy while I pumped in flight. They offered me snacks and provided TONS of water during my pumping session. Additionally, on my return flight this afternoon, the Dallas-Love Field gate attendant, Talesa, offered me an empty first-class seat so I could do the same.”

Mde says she’s grateful that her flight attendants made her role as a breastfeeding mom so much easier, and adds that she is “so impressed by the advocacy this company has provided for breast-feeding and pumping.” She also thanked them for making her time away from her babies a little bit more bearable.

Since we’re all sick of seeing nursing moms get harassed, Mde’s post has really resonated with people. It’s been liked more than 44,000 times and shared by nearly 3,000 people. Hundreds of others have also commented to express their support for Delta’s policies and share their own positive stories. Writes one, “#Delta has also helped me with nursing my baby during the flight. They arranged for me to have my own row for more room and privacy to nurse my baby. Thank you delta! This happened 3 times!!”

It’s sad to say, but we simply don’t see a lot of positive stories like this one. So often, moms are asked to move, cover up, or make compromises to their own comfort and convenience in order to appease the people around them. It’s refreshing to hear of a situation where a mom was not only able to pump in peace, but where employees actually went out of their way to make her experience better by making sure her needs were met. Reading about it kind of feels like encountering a unicorn in the wild.

It sucks that in 2016 we’re still surprised when pumping and breastfeeding moms are shown the respect they deserve, but this story is a promising reminder that change is happening. Hopefully more businesses take a nod from their pro-breastfeeding counterparts and excellent customer service like this becomes the norm.

H/T USA Today