The Internet Is Dragging This Mom For Having Sex While Breastfeeding

by Cassandra Stone
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She’s facing backlash after admitting to breastfeeding during sex

Tasha Maile is a popular breastfeeding advocate whose videos and photos have garnered millions of views on YouTube and Instagram.

Recently, one of her videos from 2015 went viral, a little number entitled “Do I Have Sex While Breastfeeding?” In the video, Maile admits to (you guessed it) having sex while breastfeeding at the same time.

“I remember the baby sleeping on me, breastfeeding, and my ex-husband and I would have sex from behind. There’s nothing bad about making love, at all, ever. So enjoy it. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your fantasies.”

*record scratch*

Look, we’re not here to judge and condemn new parents on any solution that allows both baby and parents to be happy. But it’s a little…weird? Uncomfortable? For most of us to imagine this scenario going down.

Since the video became so popular again, British daytime talk show This Morning had Maile on as a guest to defend her stance.

Maile says her baby is very attached to her (which, yeah, it’s a little baby). She says, “If your baby is sleeping, I think we all have sex. There’s no secret about it, I think it’s totally fine.”

After her appearance on This Morning, people took to the show’s Facebook page to let their feelings be known:

“Most mothers who breastfeed are just normal women who are feeding their children. Why make it a taboo subject? I would question why any woman would admit to this!”

A fair point. It’s so hard for moms to feel comfortable breastfeeding–at home and in public–that stories like this just add fuel to negativity surrounding breastfeeding.

“I breastfed all of my children and I could not think of anything worse than having sex at the same time! Could there be a more unromantic time than when you’ve got your child feeding off you!”

“Surely they could have both waited until the baby was finished. How would they like it if someone decided to have sex right there on the dinner table whilst they ate?”

When it comes to how you feed your child, we’re all about the “you do you” mentality. But breastfeeding women spend so much time fighting the sexualization of breastfeeding, this mom definitely isn’t doing the cause any favors.

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