GOP Congressman: 'Sometimes A Lady Needs To Be Told When She's Being Nasty'

by Mike Julianelle
Image via Twitter

Congressman defends Trump’s latest misogynistic comment, because 2016 can go to hell

As Trump continues to sabotage whatever slim chance he had at being elected president, most Republicans are wisely jumping ship to save themselves. Some, however, are standing by their woman-hating man. In disgusting fashion.

Per a story on The Daily Dot, Brian Babin, a Congressman from Texas, didn’t get the memo that Trump’s campaign is imploding. In an interview on the Alan Colmes show, Babin actually uttered the statement, “sometimes a lady needs to be told when she’s being nasty.”

Babin was obviously defending his main man in misogyny Donald Trump’s exasperated “You’re a nasty woman,” remark from Wednesday night’s third and final presidential debate. After being asked who he thought won the debate, Babin did his party proud by defying all logic and suggesting Trump’s nonstop cavalcade of bullshit had outperformed Hillary and her pesky facts, then had the gall to suggest that Hillary had done nothing but attack.

“Attack?” responded Colmes. “He called her a ‘nasty woman.’ Is that appropriate?”

“Well, you know what, she’s saying some nasty things,” Babin said. “I think sometimes a lady needs to be told when she’s being nasty.”

First of all, not really. Second of all, never by you, or by Trump. The fact that Trump had the gall to accuse someone else of being nasty is not even the point.

I don’t know if this falls under mansplaining, or the proud tradition of men insulting women who intimidate them, but not only was Trump’s statement unacceptable, the idea that someone else in a position of power would come out and back him up is just insane. And yet it’s not surprising that Trump would say such a thing, or that there are other Republicans, and other men in general, who agree. That attitude is emblematic of Trump’s entire campaign (not to mention his personality) and, more than that, it’s a sign of a something gone awry within our culture.

These men use the b-word, they insist women aren’t funny, they catcall, they pay them 20% less, they give them roofies, they grab them by the pussy. It’s all a continuum, and when a politician, or a person running for president, continue to spew this crap on national stages, the more we accept Trump as an actual possibility, the more we promote it. Or enable it. These men should be ashamed, they should be shouted down, not elected to office.

To Hillary’s credit, her team seized on the Donald’s insult, and the public outcry against it, and co-opted it for their own purposes. “Nasty Woman” has become a rallying cry, not only for Hillary supporters, but for women everywhere who are sick of a living in a world where this kind of misogyny is allowed, and runs rampant. The last thing they want to see happen is the poster boy for sexual harassment to become Commander-in-Chief.

The fact that someone like Babin finds it acceptable to use that language against any woman, never mind one of the most accomplished women in American history and if there is a god, first female president of the United States, and is apparently too dumb to lie about that fact, is as good an indication as any that the atmosphere has gotten out of hand.

Someone needs to grab Babin by his seat in Congress and get him, Trump, and this entire culture of misogyny out of Washington, D.C.