A Bride Tried To Charge Her Wedding Guests $1,500 To Attend

This Bride Tried To Charge Guests To Attend Her Wedding, It Didn’t Go Well

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Image via Twitter/olspicekeychain

A bride tried to charge wedding guests $1,500 to attend her nuptials

Think you’ve heard the absolute worst of bridezilla stories? Think again, my friend, think again. A woman literally tried to charge each of her wedding guests $1,500 to attend the ceremony and then blew up on Facebook when people didn’t want to fork over that kind of cash (imagine that!) Her rant is almost too insane to be true. Almost.

Twitter user @0lspicykeychain gifted us all with this train wreck of a story, and posted screenshots from a very real Facebook status found in a “wedding shaming” group (did not know that was a thing, would like to join immediately).