Fans Are Very Worried About Britney Spears And They Have A Right To Be

by Valerie Williams
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Fans Are Very Worried About Britney Spears And They Have A Right To Be
Julia Meslener for Scary Mommy, J. Merritt/Getty and Britney Spears/Instagram

Britney Spears’ fans have been sounding the alarm for months about the star’s safety as her Instagram posts grow more concerning

Britney Spears is 38 years old and has almost zero control over her own life, including her money, the time she spends with her kids, and the music she makes. That’s because she’s been under a conservatorship for almost 12 years that gives her father, Jamie Spears, near-total control of her life. Now, there’s a growing movement entirely led by fans to #FreeBritney, fueled by increasingly concerning posts shared on Britney’s Instagram account that show her looking nervous and out of it. Fans are viewing them as a cry for help.

For several months, fans have grown more and more worried about the safety of the pop star, using the comments of her many daily Instagram posts to beg her to tell them if she needs help. She has never directly answered their pleas but on a handful of occasions, her posts have seemingly correlated with a request to wear a certain color if she needs help or to post a certain image, as was the case a few weeks ago when a fan posted “if you need help wear yellow in your next video” and days later… she did.

The TikTok video where a fan commented asking her to wear yellow is dated June 26. Her Instagram post, where she not only wears yellow but pointedly makes mention of that fact in the caption, was shared on July 2.

Of course, the comments in the “yellow” Insta post exploded with fans absolutely convinced she was trying to reach out to them. And that wasn’t the only time Spears seemingly gave a nod to the uproar in the comments section.

That’s why with no real information to go on from the star herself or anyone close to her, loving fans are dissecting her every move in her posts — from what she’s wearing to her captions to what directions she’s looking in, as though possibly being prompted by someone standing out of the frame. Scrolling the comments, one rarely gets a sense of anyone mocking her — most people are coming from a place of love and concern for Spears, who has dealt with mental health issues in the past, like the 2007 incident where she used an umbrella to damage a photographer’s car.

But for now, fans have been asking for months and months for her to directly address their very valid concerns about her safety — calls that have gone unanswered. Instead, Spears answers questions about her favorite Disney movie, perfume, or fast food joint.



The increased fervor surrounding the Free Britney movement took off over a year ago when fans caught wind of the fact that she was possibly being held in a mental health facility against her will. She reportedly entered into treatment voluntarily to cope with her father’s poor health at the time. A tip from an anonymous paralegal who claimed they once worked for an attorney who worked on Britney’s conservatorship called in to the Britney’s Gram podcast claiming Spears was being held at the facility on her father’s order after refusing to take her meds.

Fans protested outside West Hollywood City Hall holding “free Britney” signs.

Spears later took to Instagram after her release from the facility to hopefully allay fears over her health and well-being telling fans the best thing they can give her is privacy.


The concern over Britney’s conservatorship and exactly how warranted it is are very real. A conservatorship is typically used when a person is too incapacitated to make their own consequential decisions. Under hers, Britney isn’t allowed to do pretty much anything without her father’s scrutiny including buying a coffee by herself. That’s why it’s curious that in the 12 years since her dad took over her finances and entire life, she’s released four albums, had three worldwide tours, completed a 4-year Vegas residency, and released perfumes and a lingerie line. Obviously she’s made millions from all of these endeavors. Kind of makes the argument that she’s too incapacitated to make her own decisions a little weak, right? Hence, fans’ concerns.

Now, the fight over Britney’s conservatorship is reaching a fever pitch as the recent July court date to end it was postponed. The conservatorship was extended until August 22 or until the pandemic is over. Fans started a petition that has gathered the required number of signatures for the White House to respond.

In the meantime, fans will no doubt be watching everything she posts for evidence that she’s hearing their worries — and hopefully, understanding how much she’s loved.

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