Broadway's Anna From 'Frozen' Calls Out Idiots Who Put Bare Feet On Theatre Seats

by Cassandra Stone
Topical Press Agency

Please, please, PLEASE stop putting your bare feet all over stuff in public

There are countless things to love and admire about Broadway actors — their talent, dedication, tirelessness, and, well, their ability to call out the injustices of proper theatre etiquette without a second thought. Bless Patti Murin for all of the above and that last one, especially. Currently starring in Broadway’s adaptation of Frozen as Anna, Murin decided to use her platform to plead with fellow theatre-lovers to never, ever put your bare feet on a theater seat.

Basically, if you are in a theatre where you and the people around you have paid a decent price for those tiny velvet seats to enjoy one of the universe’s most beloved performing arts, PUT YOUR DAMN FEET AWAY.

Murin responded to a fellow Twitter user about the extremely gross faux pas on display at a performance of Frozen this week. Looks like two young ladies decided to not only air out their bare tootsies during the show, but kept them out and proudly displayed on the seat in front of them for the duration of the show.

“Friends. Theatre lovers. Humans. This is one of the most NOT OKAY things you could ever do in a theatre, on a plane, or anywhere but your own backyard. Please do NOT do this,” Murin tweeted.

Thank you, Patti, for bravely calling out something inexcusably gross and rude that shouldn’t need to be called out in the first place — but here we are. In the Year of Our Lord 2019 where people just whip out their bare feet anywhere and everywhere without hesitation or consideration.

The Good People of Twitter showed us they are not at all here for bare feet in public spaces, thankyouverymuch.


One self-proclaimed “cranky old guy” spoke up in defense of the Feet Offenders.

…And was quickly shot down. The Bare Foot Brigade didn’t even listen to the ushers when asked to put their feet away!

One Twitter user asked Murin how she feels about this happening in movie theaters (as if it’s any less gross that way). Again, HUH-UH.

Basically, whipping your feet out and plastering them on objects in public — especially near other people — is never okay. Even children know this, as evidenced by the recent viral video where a 4-year-old plane passenger was recently hit with a side of smelly foot behind him on the airplane. And he promptly expressed his disgust in the most hilarious way.

When I was seven months pregnant with my first child, I had to fly out of town for a wedding. During that flight, my feet swelled up to at least four times their normal size — which I had anticipated and wore flip-flops to help combat — and it was miserable. Super uncomfortable. But you know what I didn’t do? Slap my giant sausages up on someone’s armrest to air them out. For multiple reasons. One, I knew that only time and a gallon of water could help me at that point, and two, YOU JUST DON’T DO THAT. Ever!

Sure, life is better without shoes and socks on. Especially in the summertime. Bare feet feel great! In the privacy of your own home or backyard, or local pool. Subjecting innocent strangers to your sweaty, stinky, germy feet in shared public spaces?