Watch Teens Cheer For Elementary Kids Walking Out And Try Not To Cry

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Facebook/Michael Elliot

Brooklyn high school students were inspired by their elementary neighbors during #NationalWalkoutDay

Yesterday, thousands of high school students all over the country protested senseless gun violence by walking out of their classrooms. Each school had their own way of taking part in #NationalWalkoutDay, and schools in the Brooklyn area were no different.

While several high school-age students from the John Jay Educational Campus stood in the streets, peacefully demonstrating their stance on gun control, a group of elementary students staged their own protest directly across the street.

In the video — shared by Facebook user Michael Elliot — you can actually see the moment the teenagers realize what’s going on. The pride they feel for the kids at neighboring school PS 321 is palpable.

“When the high school and middle school kids saw the little’s walking by in protest they erupted in cheers and solidarity,” Elliot writes on Facebook. “Listen to the kids! #neveragain #listentothekids #studentsdemandaction.”

The cheers that quickly erupt from the high school students clearly made the day of those “littles.” And also my day. And anyone else’s day who watches that beautiful, supportive video — it’s pretty much impossible to watch this video and not immediately have a profoundly emotional response.

People on Facebook seem to agree, with many people sharing similar experiences and their own feelings about those brave, sweet little kids who shouldn’t have to worry about things like gun control just yet.

Interestingly, someone else recorded the experience from the perspective of the elementary kids — and it’s just so damn moving.

The mutual support shown by these kids and teens is why movements like #NationalWalkoutDay are so important — we need to listen to our young people. They’re leading by example, and not just for future generations — but for us grown-ups, too. Kids today are kinder, more socially aware and empathetic than any other generation has demonstrated thus far.

Movements and moments just like this one prove that today’s young people comprehend the world far more than we give them credit for, and they have every right to share their feelings about it.