Big Brother Escorts Little Sister To Father-Daughter Dance, Internet Melts

by Mike Julianelle
Image via Twitter

A teenager saved the day for his little sister when he took her to a Father-Daughter dance

When he noticed how sad his little sister was that their dad wasn’t going to take her to the school dance, a seventeen-year-old stepped in and escorted the adorable six-year-old himself.

And then he won “Best Dad” at the event.

Little Noor has been having a hard time with her parents divorce.

Her mother, Sadia Karamat, told Buzzfeed News that the split has been hard on the entire family, but “mostly on the little one.” Noor was disappointed that she wouldn’t have her father around to take her to the father-daughter dance.

Then big brother Mohammed stepped in.

“I heard about the dance the day of,” he tells Buzzfeed. “I actually went downstairs and saw Noor sitting in a dress on the couch with a big frown on her face.”

His little sister was already trying to make the best of her disappointment, insisting that she wear a dress even if she wouldn’t be attending the dance itself. It was all too much for Mohammed.

Image via Twitter

“I wasn’t going to let my little sister be the one out of all her friends to not be at the dance,” he says. Not only did he escort his sister to the dance, beforehand he took the kindergartner to buy a sparkly new dress. Then he danced the night away, and left with a box of chocolate for winning the “best dad” award.

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The bond between siblings is a special one, and during times of strife, it’s more important than ever.

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“We’ve had to move states, been homeless, and have struggled continuously for the past few months,” Mohammad said. “It has all been very hard on us, but we are thankful for how close it has brought us to each other…To me [the dance] meant so much,” the brother said. “It sort of gave me a wake-up call on how important it is to be there for her.”

The pictures from the dance make it clear how important it was to his sister as well, and when they were posted online, the internet took notice.

Seems like Mohammed also deserves an award for “Best Big Brother.”