These Brothers Got Matching Harry Potter Tattoos For The Perfect Reason

by Valerie Williams
Image via Imgur

The book series holds a special meaning for them

The bond between siblings can be a special one — after all, aside from your parents, who else will know every single detail about your childhood? It’s that closeness and shared childhood memories that motivated three brothers to get matching “Harry Potter” tattoos.

And they’re completely perfect.

An Imgur user posted a black and white image of the tattoos he and his brothers got to solidify their bond and celebrate the youngest brother’s birthday.

Well, and obviously, to cement their major “Harry Potter” fan status.

The tats and title of the post, of course, pay tribute to Harry Potter’s “Tale of the Three Brothers,” which details the history of the Deathly Hallows, a story that true Potter fans know and love.

He writes, “I am the middle child of three brothers, and for my little brother’s birthday, me and my big brother bought him and ourselves a tattoo of the Deathly Hallows symbol. Our Mom started reading Harry Potter to us when we were around eight, and read every single book aloud for us all the way up to high school. It sparked the love for books in all of us, and I have fond memories of those reading sessions.”

OK, anyone else dabbing at their eyes? Parents spend hours and hours of their lives reading aloud to their young kids and of course, we know it’s a good thing to do. But imagine seeing your adult children doing something this meaningful to express what that nightly reading time meant to them?

We have serious chills.

He also explains the rational behind the tattoo each brother ended up with. “Being the middle child I have the Stone of Resurrection, my big brother has the Elder Wand and my little brother has the Cloak of Invisibility. The white lines are actually white ink, and when the tattoo heals up the white lines will be almost invisible, only noticeable if you get close.”

Imgur commenters are loving the photo and the story behind it with some sharing tales of their own sibling tats.

I always wished my siblings were into reading too. Sucks not being able to talk about stuff. You’re very lucky.

I love this. You guys rock. I’d NEVER be able to find something that my brother and sister and I could ever agree to tattoo on all of us.

I love that. My sister and I just got matching tattoos on Friday of our mom’s writing.

I love this. My husband and 3 of 4 sibs have matching ink. It’s really nice.

And one user made a solid point about potential powers the tattoos may have bestowed on the bros.

And all together you can defeat Voldermort.

There may be no evil villains in need of defeat, but the bond their mom created between them by making the reading of the series their special time together is obviously pretty damn powerful.

Let’s comfort ourselves with that the next time we’re dying for story time to be over so we can watch Netflix.