Brothers Trick Sister High On Pain Meds Into Believing It's The Zombie Apocalypse

by Valerie Williams
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Brothers convince sister there’s a zombie apocalypse coming and because of pain meds, she believes them

If you have a little sister getting her wisdom teeth out, what’s a big brother to do? Bring her ice cream? Help put her feet up? Give her the remote control and fluff her pillows?

Nah. Where’s the fun in that?

If you’re a bonafide older brother, there’s only one way to go — take advantage of the crazy-strong pain meds she’s on and convince her there’s a full-on zombie apocalypse taking shape.

A video posted to YouTube less than a day ago is quickly becoming a viral sensation. Older brothers Cabot and Barrett Phillips convince their sweet little sister Millicent that their town is in the throes of a zombie invasion, while the poor girl is still high as a kite from post-wisdom teeth surgery pain meds. This video is literally laugh-out-loud funny, so don’t drink or eat while watching it. Check it out here.

Millicent emerges from surgery bleary and confused, mouth stuffed with cotton. And it’s that cotton that makes many of her lines so hysterically amazing. Her words are garbled and her mouth hangs open as all hell breaks loose, (or so she thinks). But that doesn’t stop her from stepping up in the face of zombie mania.

On the car ride home, Cabot starts the gag by playing a fake warning from the CDC that there’s an outbreak involving cannibalism. She listens intently, absorbing the information and then exasperatedly tells her brother that he’s driving “like a slug” and to get to the house.

As it turns out, their mother is also in on the prank. She’s on the phone and telling them to come home because of the weird virus outbreak in the city. Cabot says they’re pulling into the driveway now, when Millicent yells that they’re “not the U.S. Marines” and asks why they can’t just go.

Like, forget mom. We need to escape. Millicent’s stoned survival skills are totally on point.

As her brothers start packing the car, Millicent takes issue with their choice of weapons shouting that they don’t need gardening equipment, “WE HAVE GUNS!”

I know which team I’m on in the zombie apocalypse.

The unquestionable highlight of the video is when the brothers ask their sister which pet they should bring, because they can’t bring both. It’s either the cat or the dog and Millicent doesn’t hesitate when asked her opinion shouting, “THE CAT, YOU IDIOT!” Barrett asks what they should do with the dog and she’s totally unfazed yelling, “HE’S THE WORST. HE’S ALREADY DYING. LEAVE HIM, GET THE CAT!”

Poor doggie. Millicent literally has no mercy.

The brothers bring up the idea of relocating to Mexico and ask Millicent what she remembers from high school Spanish. She pauses momentarily telling them, “I can say ‘pants’…”

They should be all set, then.

As far as sustenance, one brother explains that they can only take one cake, Funfetti or chocolate. Millicent looks at him as if he’s insane while yelling “FUNFETTI” because, DUH! She then wonders why they even need cake if there’s zombies coming. Umm…because, cake?

The brothers suggest a stop at Costco, to which Millicent says no, because hello, “it’s gonna be a bloodbath in there!” After her brothers once more suggest Mexico as an escape plan, she breaks down in tears wondering why she has to make all the decisions. It’s then that they decide their prank has gone far enough and tell her they’re heading home, fessing up that the whole “end of the world” thing was just a joke.

Anyone watching this video who doesn’t have older siblings might think it’s cruel, but if you have brothers and sisters, you’ll probably think it’s the best thing you’ve ever seen. This is the life of a younger sibling, no doubt. And if Millicent has a sense of humor like her brothers obviously do, she was probably dying laughing like the rest of us watching her drug-induced panic. And apparently low level of love for the family dog.

These brothers seem to love their little sister very much, telling her exactly that at the end of the video, but no siblings worth their salt would lose a chance for a prank this amazing. If your brother or sister is super high off pain meds, fire up the GoPro and craft a fake zombie apocalypse. This hilariously perfect video proves you literally can’t go wrong.

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