Bugaboo Trolls Moms Again With Hilarious New Ad

by Maria Guido
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Bugaboo — the company that somehow made the stroller a status symbol — has rolled out a new version for postpartum moms to drool over: the Bugaboo Runner. Their new ad makes total sense: nothing makes a new mom returning to fitness happier than seeing a supermodel running in a bikini. Just kidding. Did a room full of executives actually agree on this ad?

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LOL. This ad is hilarious. The mom — Prada model Ymre Stiekema– looks amazing, though. I know what you’re going to say – stop shaming thin moms! It’s not that, it’s really not. There are plenty of moms who look this way, and that’s great. But do we really need the body-perfection-advertising seeping into postpartum accessories? There are plenty of ways this ad could’ve been done without a supermodel in a jogging bikini.

It’s an $800 stroller, and that’s on the low end for Bugaboo. If you haven’t noticed, Bugaboo isn’t really pandering to the common mom. They make strollers: things that will inevitably be covered in dirt, goldfish crackers, and spit up. Yet their advertising has always been ridiculous and completely out-of-touch with reality. Please allow me to entertain you with some past campaigns:

“A collaboration long overdue.” Nope. No it’s not.

This is a $1700 bassinet stroller. Let that sink in for a minute.

They don’t even bother putting babies in these ads. Amazing.

The jogging stroller is clearly going for “fantasy” in its ad. You’re not meant to figure out how to jam your nursing boobs into that criss-cross bra, or wonder how one could jog in bottoms like that without their thighs rubbing together hard enough to create a small fire. You’re just meant to go with it. It’s like a Victoria’s Secret ad, but for moms who like to jog.

Jesus, that’s a terrible idea.

It’s official: Bugaboo is just trolling us now.

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