Husband Steals Wife's Burberry Scarf To Give To His Mistress, Her Friends Save The Day

by Megan Zander
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Two women set out to replace the Burberry scarf their friend’s husband stole to give to his mistress

Discovering that the person you love is cheating on you is devastating. Learning they’re a thief too is even worse. But with kick-ass friends who look out for you (and your accessories) you can get through anything, even a rough divorce.

Heather was with Joe for 20 years before he cheated on her with another woman. The couple has eight children together, but Joe left when his girl on the side got pregnant. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he took Heather’s prized Burberry scarf with him, and presumably gave it to his new main squeeze.

But Heather’s friends have got her back. Her pals Brooke and Vanessa set up a hysterical Go Fund Me page to try and raise $500 to replace Heather’s treasured scarf. They explained the backstory of Heather and her “WASband” Joe and let everyone know how she’s crushing it now that she’s doing things solo.

“Fast forward about a year. Heather is moving on. Got a tattoo, got herself a great job, another kid has graduated high school and she might even be able to finally take a proper trip to Mexico next year to help celebrate Vanessa’s 40th.”

Heather’s doing great. But her friends know that what happened to her was shitty with a capital S, and they want to do something for the woman who always puts everyone else’s needs first. “Raising 8 kids is expensive and Heather’s a pretty low-key chick who doesn’t fuss over all that fancy shit that some women do. Except for her one treasured designer item – a Burberry scarf. She shared that scarf with her daughters freely. They wore it because they took good care of it. Then it disappeared.”

And there’s only one guess as to where it went. Pretty low fucking blow Joe. Just saying.

The friends went on, “Let’s replace that for Heather. She’ll never buy it for herself. Ok? Ok.” They explained that they want to have the scarf shipped to them. This way they can add some more fun things for Heather before sending it to her so she could wear it like the goddess she is.

The campaign reached its goal in less than a day and has gained lots of media attention in the short time that it’s been live. Because while we all recognize that losing a pricey scarf sucks, this was about something bigger than that. Vanessa issued a thank you message once the goal was reached. “I love every single one of you mo’fos for your enthusiasm and I am so grateful that you contributed to this campaign,” she wrote. “Of course, it goes without saying that it was never about the scarf. The scarf is just a ‘thing’. What this is about is rallying around an incredible woman who has been shit-kicked by life in the past year who didn’t deserve it,” she said. “It’s about showing her that without the fu****s like Joe, we may never truly appreciate the quality and quantity of amazing people who are in our tribes and and who will always have our back. ”

We hope Heather’s new scarf is just as soft and comfortable as her old one. But if or when she decides to start a new relationship, here’s to it being a major upgrade from her last one.

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