Burger King Is Testing Meat-free 'Impossible' Whoppers

by Christina Marfice
Images via Burger King / Impossible

Burger King is testing a meat-free burger and we’re legit drooling

One of the best things people can do, as individuals, to combat climate change is to stop eating meat. Raising animals for human consumption takes an alarming amount of resources, including water and plants that could be feeding food insecure communities, and taking meat from live animal to consumable product creates an astonishing amount of toxic chemicals, greenhouse gases and carbon emissions. Cutting back on meat is better for the planet and, oftentimes, for our health. But burgers exist, which makes that a tough, tough choice.

Enter Burger King.

The fast food chain just announced that it’s testing out ‘Impossible’ Whoppers, made with meat-free Impossible brand burger patties. For the uninitiated, Impossible products are plant-based meat replacements that look, feel and taste so much like the real thing, they’ve developed a cult following among vegetarians and carnivores alike. If you’ve never had an Impossible burger, trust us when we say this is big news.

Coinciding with the launch, Burger King released a video showing some of its most loyal, beef-loving customers trying out the new Impossible Whoppers to see if they could tell the difference. Whether you’re already curious about meat alternatives, or you think this whole idea is burger blasphemy, you should check out the results.

You heard ’em. “No f*cking cow.” People can hardly believe it. Even for the staunchest burger lover, this thing might just be worth a try. And by that we mean it’s definitely worth a try.

Even though the announcement was made on April Fools’ Day, it’s real. And people are already buzzing about this new meat-free alternative at a chain that’s specifically known for its meat products.

And some people have already been lucky enough to get their hands on one to taste. The reviews so far are pretty promising.

Now for the bad news. Since this is just a test run and not a full product roll out, the Impossible Whoppers are currently only available at 59 Burger King locations in and around St. Louis, Missouri. The slightly better news: There’s no time like the present to pack up and take a trip to St. Louis, Missouri.

For real, though, we just hope these do get a nationwide release. Impossible Burgers are actually available at some restaurants already, but having them added to the menu at Burger King would double the number of places you can get your hands on one. Whether you’re a meat lover or not, you have to be able to appreciate that giving people more choices to eat ethically is a good thing.

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where you can try out an Impossible Whopper, get thee to a BK, stat. If you’re like us and have to wait until they’re more widely available, well, take solace in knowing you’re not alone. We can’t wait to taste one of these babies. You hear that, BK? Impossible Whoppers for the whole nation, please and thank you.