Bush Telling Obama A Secret Joke And Waiting For His Reaction Is Peak Dad

by Maria Guido
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Image via One America Appeal For Hurricane Relief/ Twitter

George Bush is peak dad in this clip

There are two parts to the “Dad Joke.” Part one is the actual telling of the terrible joke. Part two is the anxious anticipation of the response to said joke. Anyone who has a partner or father who tells terrible jokes knows this. That’s why this clip of George Bush telling a joke to Barack Obama during Bill Clinton’s speech at Saturday night’s “Deep From the Heart: The One America Appeal” event is going so viral right now.

It’s peak dad.

Of course the Twitter account “Classic Dad Moves” caught on to the moment; their tagline is, “Saving the world one bad dad joke at a time.” They tweeted the moment with the caption, “Bush pulling a dad move, cracking a joke to Obama during Clinton’s speech, and glancing repeatedly to see his reaction.”

I mean, look at his face:

Image via Twitter

He’s really happy with himself:

Image via Twitter

REALLY happy:

Image via Twitter

Just about everyone is relating to this clip in one way or another. We all know we laugh loudest when it’s most inappropriate, right? And now we know that it happens to all of us.

Mostly, people are probably just happy to look at something concerning a president that finally makes them laugh, instead of weep into their pillow.

And looking at Obama’s smile can make you believe the world isn’t disintegrating… if even just for a moment.

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