'Bye Felicia' Mom Is Back With A Last Day Of School Photo We Can All Appreciate

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School’s out, and one mom shares the perfect way to document it

Bye Felicia!

At the beginning of the school year, one mom’s photo went viral because — let’s face it — some of us need a break. The school year gives us that break, or at least a few hours to focus on work if we work from home, or just some time to not have to tend to another human.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you like the peace that school brings, if it makes your life easier:

Jessi Kittrell is a professional photographer and mother of four who won the internet back in September with her take on the “first day of school” Pinterest tradition. Now she’s back, welcoming “Felicia” home. Her daughter’s name isn’t Felicia obviously, but you get the picture:

Party’s over, parents. Is everyone ready for a house full of kids again?

“I got a lot of slack but laughed it off, she had a good year,” Kittrell writes on her Instagram page. If you’re wondering why she got so much slack for a light-hearted post that was meant to be a funny take on the Pinterest tradition, welcome to the internet: where any parenting choice you make is up for debate and criticism.

Happy Summer, parents! Here’s to some fun with the kids.

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