'Covid School' Is Not Working For Many Of Us, And We Are SO Done

by Jill Krause
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Just Cancel F*cking COVID School Already
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This wasn’t the COVID-19 blog I planned. I was trying to pull together a bunch of resources — things that would help you talk to your kids about social distancing, mental health advice for you, links to mask sellers, etc. I hope I get to do that post eventually.

Courtesy of Jill Krause

But as it stands now, I can’t even find the time to empty my menstrual cup until it literally runs over and I’m like FUCKKKKKK COVID PERIODS!

Everything is COVID-something right now. COVID-dinners. COVID-runs. COVID-grocery-shopping. COVID-school.


Can we please just stop pretending that any of this schooling is working? And do please stop right there if you’re about to drone on about how it’s working for you.

I literally can not with another sanctimonious parent bragging about how this is really not that bad for them because they are making their kids a priority and BLAH FUCKING BLAH. Shut. Up.

Courtesy of Jill Krause

YOU? ARE THE EXCEPTION. Here’s your cookie! Now leave.

Anyway, for the rest of us, this shit is bananas, right? It’s not working!! This is not learning. My kids are not learning. We have missed I don’t even know how many Zooms. We can’t log in to half the things. Our internet is constantly bogged down.

Homeschooling was many times easier than whatever COVID-school is. For one, we didn’t have 15 emails coming from 3 different grade levels and two different schools a day. When we last homeschooled — on purpose — there was one parent in our family fully dedicated to that, and even then, it only took a few hours a day, not even five days a week. And we did it at our leisure.

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Now, we have two adults with jobs and four kids — including a feral toddler. And we are all supposed to operate under one roof with one WiFi network on the same days of the week.

I don’t care if it’s pass/incomplete. (God be with any of you dealing with graded work right now. How you are not ripping around in a murderous rage is beyond me.)

This shit should be called off. CANCELLED. Please, just let me feel zero guilt about simply keeping everyone functioning right now while I also work, keep the house from becoming a biohazard, worry about my parents, source masks, strategically plan grocery runs… did I mention WORK?? Did you miss the part where I have a wild three-year-old who is now locked in a house?!

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Everyone who is a better parent than I am, who wants to be sure their child doesn’t fall behind, or whatever, they can go buy workbooks or sign up for online enrichment activities. I will gladly exchange 1/4 a school year of my kids being “behind” for not losing my mind every fucking day.

And before one more person tells me I’m being “anti-teacher,” let me clarify that I think keeping this charade up is the most anti-teacher BS ever. Let them take time off!! KEEP PAYING THEM! To do … NOTHING. I think it’s a glorious idea. I’m not being sarcastic.

OR? Give them this time to truly check in with the kids they are worried about. Let them talk to parents and connect them with mental health and financial resources. Let them worry about the KIDS and not the lessons!!

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The truth of it is that the majority of teachers are in the same boat I am — too many expectations and not enough time.

“School” shouldn’t be a priority right now. The end.

I make no apologies for the number of times I typed FUCK here. FUCK ALL OF THIS.

Courtesy of Jill Krause

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