Candace Owens Is Definitely Not The One

by Nikkya Hargrove
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I had never heard her name before one late night Facebook scroll led me to her: Candace Owens. Why is it important that you know who she is? Because she spits rhetoric that damages us all, no matter the color of our skin or our plight in life. And why does it matter when we have so many people, like former President Donald Trump, doing the very same thing? Because she plans on running for president in 2024.

At first glance, Candace appears to be a beautiful Black woman, with a determined look on her face. The problem is that when she opens her mouth, stupidity leaks out. If you don’t believe me, just check out her Twitter page — don’t stay too long, though; you will certainly lose brain cells if you linger.

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One look at her Wikipedia page and you just might puke before you get through the first sentence. She is listed as a Conservative author, commentator and activist. The definition of an activist is someone who “campaigns to bring about political or social change,” according to Webster’s Dictionary. If you listen to her words or read her Twitter page (or the comments from her supporters), you should be worried about the kind of “change” she is working to bring about.

Some of her most alarming words came in that Facebook video I watched a few months ago, a video some of my own friends (on Facebook) fueled with their appalling comments of support. Those words could not have come at a worse time, a mere week or so after the murder of George Floyd. Owens said, “There was so much pressure for me to go with the popular opinion about who George Floyd was. We are being sold a lot of lies at the detriment to the Black community, at the detriment to the white community, and at the detriment to America as a whole. Our culture is unique from other communities because we are the only community that caters to the bottom denominator of our society. Not every Black American is a criminal. Not every Black American is committing crimes. But we are unique in that we are the only people that fight and scream and demand support for the people in our community that are up to no good.”

Every single one of her words deserve an Annalise Keating eye roll. I’d definitely categorize Candace as a Black American who is up to no good.


So, it’s scary to know that Candace Owens is thinking about running for president in 2024. She has picked up on how easily so many Americans can be brainwashed to believe whatever she says. Republicans love her because they can tokenize her: she’s one of the few Black folks who aligns with their narrative.

Owens is someone who claims to love America, yet chooses to break down the very people America was built on the backs of. She is reckless with her words and clearly hates Black people. Her hate runs deep, and from what I can tell, hate is what fuels the insanity that we’ve lived during the last four years with #45. Her attempt to believe that she too can lead a fractured country such as ours shows us just how disjointed her thinking is, which is so well mapped out by Fabiola Cineas in Philadelphia Magazine — that Black people shouldn’t worry about white nationalism, that transgender people suffer from “a disorder,” and that Black folks who support Democratic candidates do so because of a “hamster mentality,” to name a few.

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Candace does not present as a woman who loves her country, because if she did, she would speak with common sense, she would unite instead of divide, she would not want to reignite a fire that President Donald Trump lit. I wouldn’t trust #45 with my life, and I for damn sure would never trust Candace. I wish the American people would wise up. Haven’t we been fooled enough? Let’s wake up, folks! Candace Owens isn’t who we need in the White House in 2024 or 2028 or beyond. Imagine her meetings with foreign leaders or what she would cook up to share with the WHO…imagine that! Candace is making a mockery of the platform she’s been given — a pretty weak platform to boot.

Candace Owens needs to look in the mirror and recognize that she is a Black woman, and having a white husband does not change that fact. Her freshly pressed hair and ability to push the right buttons to get the Republican party and her Conservative following does not mean she will ever be nominated as the Republican nominee for president. If nothing else, let’s hope the Republican party learned their lesson about extreme, divisive rhetoric and the harm it can do from the June 6th Capitol Riots. People with common sense know that words matter and can do both harm or good. Hers only do harm. Candace Owens will never have my vote, and I hope she doesn’t have anybody else’s either.

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