6 Reasons I Can't Imagine Anything Better Than Being An Aunt

by Sydney Kleinman
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I can’t have kids. It’s a thought we never want to have and a phrase we never want to speak. For some, it is a reality. Before you ask your questions or give me your sympathy, let me stop you. I may not be a mother or have kids of my own, but I do have the awesome job of being an aunt. I take this job very seriously.

When I was little I wanted to grow up to be just like my Aunt Shar. There were so many great memories I had with her. I remember she used to make me mixtapes of all of my favorite Disney songs, let me wear her favorite Disney character T-shirt when I slept over, and bribe me with a trip to the Disney Store so I would take my medicine when I was sick. Having Shar as an aunt made me so excited for the day I would become one. That day came almost two years ago, and I have loved every moment ever since. Here are six reasons why being an aunt is the best job ever:

1. Birthday gifts mean serious business.

I’ve always been a big birthday person, so when I became an aunt my love for birthdays only magnified. I usually start shopping a month in advance to find the perfect gift. If the Amazon reviews don’t convince me they are absolutely going to love it, it is a no-go. Bonus points if they not only love it, but their parents also send me videos of them not wanting to leave the house without it.

2. You never need an excuse to spoil them.

I’ll admit that I am guilty of overdoing this at times, but I can’t help myself. I don’t have kids of my own so if I find myself taking a stroll in the kid’s section at Target and find something irresistible and adorable, I’m going to get it. Gifts are great, but I also love to spoil them with an unreasonable amount of love and attention. I could read stories, play babies, and watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood all day.

3. There’s nothing sweeter than when they say your name.

There is nothing more heart-stopping than a little person saying your name. It doesn’t matter if it is in a whisper, at the top of their lungs, or over and over again. It’s impossible to grow tired of the sound because you don’t get to hear it every day.

4. You always have an excuse to travel.

My nieces all live in different states. If I haven’t seen them in three months, it’s been too long. My husband and I always make an effort to go visit family so that our nieces don’t forget about us. It is always a good excuse for a weekend full of hugs, kisses, smiles, and games.

5. You get to see your husband interact with kids.

We may not have kids of our own, but seeing my husband with my nieces brings me a similar joy. My husband is a very manly man, but when he sees my nieces whether in person or on Instagram and Snapchat, his heart melts. He is so protective and loving toward them that I can’t help but love him more for that.

6. They don’t have to love you, but they do.

You are not their mother, which means they are not biologically programmed to love you. As an aunt you have to earn their love, but once you’ve got it, there is nothing more precious and perfect. I feel a genuine love for my nieces, and sometimes on my saddest days, they are one of the few things that can make me happy.

Although I would give everything to have kids of my own, right now I can’t imagine anything better than being an aunt.

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