Ultrasound Convinces Parents They're Giving Birth To A Sports Car

by Mike Julianelle

A couple was shocked when their ultrasound image appeared to show an adorable little car coming to term

It’s scary enough going for an ultrasound and getting confirmation that there’s an actual human being inside your wife’s belly. I don’t know how this couple is handling their news.

In the most shocking automobile-related reveal since Oprah surprised her audience with free cars, a couple on Reddit learned that the baby they’re expecting is not a baby at all, but a BRAND NEW CAR!

Image via Reddit

According to Mashable, Reddit user Brewhaus3223 and his wife visited the doctor for their routine 24-week ultrasound, but instead of hearing a heartbeat and getting one of those creepy 3-D printouts of their fetus, they were greeted with an image of a car.

Unless this guy is married to Godzilla, I don’t know how that car got in there.

Obviously, she’s not actually giving birth to a car. Somehow, via a bizarre trick of the screen or an optical illusion or your guess is as good as mine, it just looks that way. Transformers aren’t real, people, despite the wishes my five-year-old makes every time he throws a coin in a fountain.

After using a gestational surrogate to have their first child, the couple were caught off guard when they got pregnant the old-fashioned way. He was caught even more off-guard when the old-fashioned way meant she was pregnant with a Model-T.

Watching an ultrasound can be a bizarre experience, and I’m speaking as someone whose wife has only ever given birth to human children. It’s amazing that the technology exists, it’s jarring to hear the heartbeat of your child for the first time, and the technician always seems to see things you can’t. Here’s hoping the technician in this case was able to reassure the couple that their baby was, in fact, a baby and not a vehicle.

To be fair, it’s not like ultrasounds offer the most clear image of what you can expect from your baby. You’re basically staring at a moving X-Ray of a half-baked bun. Regardless of how clear the face on the screen is, it’s not exactly the same as seeing the actual live-action version of your kid. Odds are he didn’t come out looking much like the image on that little monitor, or in the printout you posted to your fridge, even if it was one of those 3-D ones. That said, the image usually doesn’t look like a car.

They seem to be handling the news with a sense of humor. “A miracle happened and my wife became pregnant naturally, well as naturally as you can when you’re carrying a car.” They even managed to get a look under the hood to discover that “it’s a boy car!”

Here’s hoping they have a big enough garage.