Life-Size Cardboard Cutouts Exist To Make Sure Your BFF Is With You Always

by Julie Scagell
Image via Cardboard Cutout Standees

Who doesn’t want a full-size cardboard cut-out of their BFF?

You know how it is when you’re headed off to a girl’s weekend or big family event and the one person you really want to be there can’t attend? The one person whose presence makes everything little (lot) more fun? Have no fear — now you can be with your BFF forever — a cardboard version, anyway — and never ever spend one second apart, even if they can’t be there in the flesh.

According to their site, Cardboard Cutout Standees makes it a snap to create and order your own personalized cardboard cutout — of yourself, your spouse, your BFF, your former coworker you didn’t really know but made really funny fart jokes and you sort of miss working with. And these puppies are so life-like, it’s like they’re right there beside you — only a titch less “talky.”

There are three options for your life-size doppelgänger: One-the cheapest version is your standard cardboard, perfect for indoor use only. Two-a foam core option which provides the sharpest image quality for maximum creepiness. And three-the corrugated plastic option if your airless blowup doll needs to “survive the elements or you want to reuse it for multiple events.”

I feel like this may be a “one and done” type of gift but I’m not here to pass judgment on your lifestyle choices.

According to their site, they “take your photo and create a life-size cardboard cutout utilizing the latest digital printing and cutting technology. Photo cutouts are perfect for birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, corporate promotions, and advertising.”

Also great for little kids, who would absolutely get a kick out of seeing themselves in cardboard form and make you the parent of the year. For like, at least an hour.

Feel like to need to spice up your supine friend? The company also allows you to add speech bubbles and signs so your BFF can comment behind your back about your outfit as if they’re really in the room. It’s like they’ve thought of everything.

The Standees team promises to create a personalized cardboard cutout and have it shipped the very next day and they even have a money back guarantee in case you didn’t realize how scary your face looks blown up like it was stung by 100 bees.

Image via Cardboard Cutout Standees

Need to see this thing in everyday life to be sure? Busy Phillips best friend, Michelle Williams, sent her one while she was recovering from surgery. “My BFF sent me a cardboard cutout of herself to cheer me up post surgery and it is both hilarious and terrifying,” the mom of two wrote.

Holiday gift list: check.