Parents Are Trying To Figure Out Who Cardi B Is And It's Hilarious

by Thea Glassman
Image via Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images/Twitter

Parents have officially discovered Cardi B — and it’s glorious

The world has fallen head over heels for Cardi B, rapper extraordinaire and all-around glorious human being (seriously, please just take a quick peek at her Twitter account). Now, it turns out, parents are finally starting to catch up with all the hubbub — and, boy, do they have questions. Some have extensive thoughts on her lyrics. Some are generally obsessed. And some just want to know who the heck she is.

Basically, this whole delightful parent revolution started when YouTuber Josh Sobo took to Twitter to share a text message he received from his dad. There was a selfie enclosed with Cardi B, along with the message: “whose is Cardi b.”

Literally, everything about this is priceless. The text message. His dad’s expression. Cardi B’s expression. The internet was completely, completely overjoyed.

Sobo’s dad isn’t the only parent to grapple with figuring out who exactly Cardi B is, and what exactly she’s about. A whole slew of people have taken to Twitter to share their parents’ reactions to the rapper. First up, there was this dad, who was genuinely interested in knowing what the rapper’s deal was — even if he didn’t quite get her name right.

Then, there was the mom who really, really wanted to follow along with what Cardi B had to say.

This dad had some THOUGHTS about her lyrics. And even took the time to type them out.

All the applause to these moms, who already know exactly who the rapper was and also can recite her songs verbatim.

Somewhere, Cardi B has to be loving all of this.

Meanwhile, the rapper isn’t exactly hurting for new fans. Her album, “Invasion of Privacy,” was released recently and, according to Billboard, there have been a whopping 2.6 million (!) tweets about Cardi B since then. Also, she performed on Saturday Night Live last weekend with her baby bump and literally looked like a dreamy, flowy goddess.

Here’s to parents continuing to discover Cardi B as her career skyrockets, and also so, so many more creative misspellings of her name. Carny B is the one to beat.