Carey Hart Completely Nailed His Mother's Day Message To Pink

by Valerie Williams
Image via Instagram/Carey Hart

Pink’s husband had the perfect message for her on Mother’s Day

While Pink tours the world with her adorable family, we just watch in awe as she manages to juggle being an incredibly famous pop star and totally involved mom. It seems we’re not the only ones noticing her amazingness — her husband, Carey Hart, marveled how she makes it all work with the sweetest Instagram Mother’s Day tribute.

Hart’s post features the cutest photo of Pink and their toddler son, Jameson Moon.


He writes, “Happy mamas day to this amazing woman @pink. She is the most dedicated woman to her children, hands down. She puts her children before anything, and while on this crazy world tour; the kids NEVER go without mama time. I don’t know how you do it baby, but I’m proud of you. Happy Mother’s Day to all the real mamas out there that put in 100% with their children. This day is for you.”

It’s fine. We’re not at all tearing up and screenshotting this post to show our husbands.

For her part, Pink posted super cute pics of her with her little ones to celebrate the day.

This super mom has shown over and over again how often she’s just being a mom, even while performing for arenas full of people in a different city every few days.

These kids are honestly living their best lives on her tour, and that’s because she makes sure to include them at every possible moment.

She’s even extremely honest about the fact that her kids aren’t terribly impressed with her pop star status.

In addition to sharing some sweet words about his wife, it looks like Hart was also happy to assume all parental duties while Pink rocked Vancouver on Mother’s Day, if this adorable photo of Jameson and a teeny puppy is any indication.

Kudos to Hart for calling out his talented and wonderful wife for all of her hard work. Just like all busy moms, she deserves to hear it.