Carrie Underwood's Mom Raps Entire Ludacris Verse Onstage During Concert

by Julie Scagell
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Duane Prokop/Getty

Carrie Underwood’s mom, Carole, rocked the stage with her daughter last week

It would take a lot to upstage singer/songwriter Carrie Underwood, but at a recent concert, someone did just that — Carrie’s mom.

Underwood has been traveling around the country performing but it was the country star’s concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma last week that really got people talking. When Underwood sang her hit “The Champion,” her mom Carole, stepped in to rap Ludacris‘ verse on the song. She shared a sweet picture of the pair on stage, saying, “Got to share the stage with this amazing champion tonight! Of course, I’m talking about my mom! She crushed it!”

Underwood also shared a video of her mom and her mad rapping skills, captioning the post, “Nailed it! I kept trying to keep her on track! At the end she said ‘Did I do OK?’ Who knew Mom could rap?!”

Underwood’s mom isn’t the first to stand in for Ludacris at one of the country legend’s shows. Earlier this month, Underwood brought up one lucky concertgoer, Chuck Choi, to rap with her in Boston after hearing about how he learned to speak English by listening to hip hop, People reported.

“Tonight we have Chuck. Chuck is a champion, because when he moved to the U.S., he didn’t speak any English. He chose to keep a good attitude, and learned to speak the language by listening to Eminem,” Underwood said during the concert. “Chuck says his experience has taught him that nothing is impossible, and you can overcome any struggle with a positive attitude.”

Lucky for Underwood, she’s had plenty of family time on her “Cry Pretty 360” tour. During an appearance on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show, the mom-of-two said her husband, Mike Fisher, and their two sons, Isaiah and Jacob have been traveling with her to make sure she has plenty of family time and baby snuggles.

“Somebody recently called him ‘The Mayor of Catering’ because he’s just like, ‘Hi, everybody!’ and loves seeing everyone,” Underwood said of son Isaiah. “He’s got his little scooter he rides around the venues in. He’s such a people guy. So he’s living the dream. They love it.”

What a cute, supportive, and talented family. We love to see it!

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